Y-DNA Signature of Descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent

Several male Cushmans have volunteered to participate in a genetic genealogy research project to determine if they are descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent.  The project will help determine if they are closely related, and also provide evidence of their probable ancestral geographic roots in Kent, England.

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Several Cushman males have well- documented genealogical records that show an uninterrupted Cushman male-to-male line of descent from Robert Cushman of Kent.  This makes it possible to use Y-DNA testing to determine if the Cushman males are closely related, and to estimate the time to their most recent common ancestor.  This research project is expected to eventually define the Y-DNA profile of the descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent. A preliminary chart of the lines of descent appears here

Once this profile is determined, it will also be possible to determine if these individuals are closely related to males with other Cushman variant surnames. The name Couchman, for example, is used almost interchangeably with the name Cushman in the old medieval records. A Couchman in the Y-DNA Project has already matched two Cushmans 35/37 on a 37 marker test, indicating these men have a common ancestor, most probably in 1500-1600. This provides more evidence of a  Cushman/Couchman connection.

So, genetic genealogy has solved a part of the puzzle.  It has established that there is a Couchman/Cushman connection.  But it cannot tell us who the most recent common ancestor actually was. Perhaps the new approach of combing traditional genealogy research with genetic genealogy will break through the brick wall.

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