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  1. Bullet Genealogies of Cushmans not yet connected to Robert of Kent (loose ends?), families that have simply adopted the Cushman name, and other Cushman lines with apparent origins in other countries, not connected to Robert of Kent. Click here for additional Cushmans

  1. BulletGenealogies of Cushman daughters who married into other surname families.

  1. Bullet  Celesete Deborah Cushman, (11 May 1838-10 Nov 1910) , daughter of John Potter Cushman (1806-1854) and Nancy Russell (1812-1896) m George H Ward (1842-1917) on 11 May 1865. He Contact Amy Walts at amy AT harpchick.com

  1. Bullet Emma Cushman (1857-,1944) daughter of Amariah Fenton Cushman (1822-1903) and Lydia Clarice Updegraff (1831-1897), m. Francis Marion Graber (1855-1936) on 2 Nov 1876. Contact Bobbie Howard at bubbbobbie AT sbcglobal.net

  1. Bullet  Persis Cushman (1803 -?) daughter of Jesse Cushman (1767-1833 and Abigaill Orcutt (abt 1767-1814) m. Isaac Moragn on 31 Jul 1824 and m. James Buchanan. Contact Judith Thomas at B4Salk AT comcast.net

  1. Bullet  Thanks to Steve Pattison for additional information about Chandler Cushman (1804-1840) and the lines down for two of Chandler’s daughters. Contact Siprxrphsd AT gmail.com

  1. Bullet Hannah Cushman, b 1705, daughter of Robert Cushman and Persis Lewis. Contact is: Donna Reynolds Savory at: donna081061AT gmail.com

  1. BulletJulia Cushman, b 30 Mar 1821, daughter of Ezra Cushman and Esther Atwater. Contact is Marty.Scott AT allstate.com

  1. BulletSubmit Cushman b. Aug 1864, daugther of Consider Cushman and Mary Buffin. Contact is Paul W Pyle posted in Cushman Genealogy Facebook page on 7 Apr 2014 https://www.facebook.com/groups/5154999726/permalink/10152334700594727/

  1. BulletAlice Cushman, b. ca1872, daughter of Warren C Cushman and Sarah Elizaeth Cotter. Contact is Patricia Wood  pclement1988 AT yahoo.com

  1. Bullet Nell Lucille Cushman, b 1886, daughter of William W. Cushman and Martha Jane Riddle. Contact is Joni McFadden. JJMac 1012 AT aol.com

  1. BulletJanet Kay Cushman, b 12 Oct 1945, daughter of John Clark Cushman and Marie Evenlyn Saggau. Contact is Joni McFadden. JJMac 1012 AT aol.com

  1. BulletSubmit Cushman, b. Aug 1864. Thanks to Paul W Pyle for the line down from Submit Cushman b. Aug 1864, daughter of Consider Cushman and Mary Buffin.

  1. BulletElla Mae Cushman, b. 8 may 1875, Cass Monongallia Co. VA,  m. William Krepps Long. She was daughter of Adonaijah Ephraim Cushman, b 1 Jan 1824. Contact Amy Boettin Bigler bigler_amy AT yahoo.com

  1. BulletMargaret Emelene Cushman, b. 1889, daughter of Henry Elisha Cushman, b. 1855. Contact Melissa LaChance at Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/melissa.lachance

  1. BulletMary “Polly” Soule, b.1802 m Stephen Philbrick Fulsom/Folsom. Mary Soule was daughter of Joseph Soule (1771-1805) m. Mary “Polly” Darling (1776-1857). contact  beckymbrown AT hotmail.com

  1. Bullet Sarah Cushman,  b. 12 May 1824, Hebron, ME courtesy of Charleen Lamer Bearch. For information on this line, contact: charlee.lambert at comcast.net

  1. BulletAdelaide Dorinda Cushman, b. 27 Jul 1834 m. Reuben Calhoun Smith. Adelaide was daughter of Samuel Parker Cushman and Dorinda Lumbard. For information on this line, contact Roger Scott at roger13 at mindspring.com

  1. Bullet  Rouanna Cushman b. 1844, daughter of Ephriam Cushman b.6 Sep 1798, PA and Nancy Fields, b. 1806, KY. For information on this line, contact Daron Wells at daronwells at gmail.com.

  1. Bullet La Delle Cushman b. 21 Sep 1840, daughter of Lysander Cushman, b. 28 Apr 1812 and Elizabeth Z (Sanborn) Cushman, b. 11 Aug 1816. Information about the line down from this Cushman daughter available from line leader Peggy Rogers. Her contact information is patriciarodgers38 at gmail.com.

  1. Bullet Constance Fae Cushman, b. 12 Jul 1941, daughter of Cletus Le Roy Cushman and Vera Elizabeth (Nicholas) Cushman. Information available from line leader Jerome Cushman. His contact information is jerCush at aol.com

  1. Bullet Alvena Augusta Cushman, b. 12 Mar 1874, m. Francis Marion Johnson on 23 Jan 1893 in Central City, Nebraska. Alvena was the daughter of Joseph Barrett Cushman, b. 13 Jul 1842, Ohio. Mother was Anna Louise Wills, b. 8 Sep 1846, Illinois.  Contact line leader Ron Kuehner of Red Cloud Nebraska for information about Alvena’s line down to the present. Contact is: revron at gpcom.net

  1. Bullet Mary Delano Cushman (Generation #8), b. 13 Apr 1806, Woolwich, ME, married James Grover, 19 Mar 1836. Mary was daughter of Francis Cushman and Betsy (McKeeney) Cushman. For more information about the line down from Mary, contact line leader Hope Grover Coulombe at rccoulombe at clinic. net.

  1. Bullet Sarah Cushman (1743-1827) daughter of Thomas Cushman (about 1705) and Mary Cutter, who married David Jennings (about 1740-1790/91).  Primary contact: Pati Janssen at patijanssen at juno.com.  Alternative contact: Chris Brown at crbrown at san.rr.com.

  1. Bullet Mary C. Cushman (Generation #8) b. 30 Jul 1839, m. John Whitton.  For more information, contact descendant and line leader Thomas Gibson at http://mayflowerman.com

  1. Bullet Submit Cushman (Generation #7) b. 1767 Brookfield, MA, daughter of Consider Cushman (1740-1819) and Submit Newcomb.  She married Jonathan Marsh Bissell, Sr., who  d. 1850, Stratton, VT; also,  Harriett Cushman (Generation #7) daughter of Artemas Cushman ( 1752-1841)  and Sarah Williams.  She married Jonathan Marsh Bissell, Jr. on 19 Nov 1817 in Vernon, VT. and d. 1852 in Illinois. For information on the Bissell lines contact boyd.bissell at primroserealty.com

  1. Bullet Arvilla Cushman (Generation #9) b. 11 Jan 1849, daughter of Eliphalet Cushman (1816-1882) and Hannah Montague. She married William Henry McKown on 4 Jul 1867.  For information on the McKown line, contact Wai057 at aol. com.

  1. Bullet Agnes Cushman (Generation #9) b. 27 Jul 1867, Rock Island, IL, daughter of Joseph Barrett Cushman (1842-1909) and Anna Louse Willis.  Married John Amida McDonald on 24 Dec 1885.  For information on the McDonald line, contact ma at asystems.com

  1. Bullet  Lucy E. Cushman, b. 1834, daughter of John Perkins Cushman and Polly (Wyman) Cushman; Caroline S. Cushman, b. 1850, daughter of John Perkins Cushman and Catherine (Dunbar) Cushman;  and, Josephine Cushman, b. 1858, daughter of Josiah Cushman and Lucy (Dunbar) Cushman. For information on these genealogies contact Karen Marsh at chully33 at twcny.rr.com

  1. Bullet  Ella Lucy Cushman b. 6 Aug 1853, daughter of Joseph Soule Cushman, married John Henry Emerton on 5 June 1872. For information on this line, contact [email protected]

  1. Bullet  Mary M Cushman  b. 17 Sep 1841, daughter of Joshua Delano Cushman (b. 3 Nov 1807) and Pamelia G. Harley.  She married John H. Gray about 1869. For information on this line, contact Cushman S. Gray of Arliington Heights, IL.  Cushgray at sbcglobal.net

  1. Bullet  Julia Ann Cushman  b. 16 Jun 1811, daughter of Joshua Cushman b. 1766 in NH and Kezia Daily, married Emerson Doane.  For information on this line contact  Kim via jkkrumm at gmail.com.

  1. Bullet  Charlotte Cushman Clark, b. 25 Aug 1875, daughter of Samuel Cushman b. 7 Nov 1830  Attleboro, MA, married Indiana Sopris.  For information on this line, contact  Monique Clark at mqclark at hotmail.com

  1. Bullet Cushman Lines in England -- a line still living in England at a website maintained by Anji Cushman. To go to her website, click here: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=SHOW&db=cushie&recno=98   For information on this line contact Anji Cushman at [email protected]

  1. Bullet  Couchman Links (Cushman Name Variant)  provided by Brenda Paternoster in the UK.  See: http://paternoster.orpheusweb.co.uk/famhistory/names/couchman/couchman.htm

  1. BulletCushmans of Irish descent - - a line now mostly living in Canada, maintained by Janice L. Cushman.  To go to her website, click here: http://www.telusplanet.net/public/jcushman/gen/cushman.html

  1. BulletAdopted Cushman Name -- Families that adopted the Cushman name many generations ago. They cannot be expected to have a genetic linkage to other Cushman descendant lines.

  2. Bullet The Adcock/Cushman Connection -- Contact is [email protected]

  3. Bullet The Kuchemann/Cushman Connection -- Contact is [email protected]

  4. Bullet  The Cusma/Cushman Connection (Sicily) -- Contact is Bakercemetery at aol.com

  5. Bullet  The Meriman/Cushman Connection -- beginning with Edwin Charles Cushman, b. 1909, son of Nelson M. Meriman and Susan Webb Cushman.  Susan Webb Cushman was the younger sister of the famous actress Charolotte Cushman. Charlottee adopted Edwin Charles Meriman who, thererafter, went by the name Cushman and gave rise to a long line of Cushman descendants -- Contact is RCushman at adelphia.net

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