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“Where do I come from? …We may know our parents, even our grandparents; not far beyond that, for most of us the trail begins to disappear into the mist.” 1  Who were the people who came before?  Where did they live? What were their lives like?

The purpose of the site is to connect living Cushmans with their male ancestry.

If you can remember the name of your Cushman father, your Cushman grandfather and Cushman great grandfather, you should be able to link up to their ancestors at this site. The database contains a growing number of lines that have been successfully brought up to the present.

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  1. BulletNew Information Posted. This page summarizes new information as it is added to the site and shows the date the new information was entered.

  1. BulletDescendants of Robert Cushman of Kent and other Cushmans.   The 11,185 Cushmans listed here are descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent, Chief Agent and one of the organizers of the Mayflower voyage to New England in 1620.  He was born 1577 in Kent, England. 

  2. BulletAncient Ancestors describes the deep ancestry of the descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent.  It traces the migration of Cushman ancestors from the time of their departure from Africa some 50,000 years ago, to their arrival in Europe and probable ancestral origins in Kent, England.

  1. Bullet The Ancestry of Robert Cushman of Kent explores the uncertain ancestry of three generations: Robert, his father and family, and his grandfather and family.

  1. Bullet3 Generation Descendant Report showing the probable ancestry of Robert Cushman

  2. Bullet  Sources for the 3 Generation Report

  1. BulletThe Y-DNA Signature of Descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent provides the result of recent research that defines the genetic “signature” or profile of Robert’s descendants, along with genetic evidence of the Couchman/Cushman connection.

  1. BulletGenealogies of Cushman Daughters This link will take you to a list of  genealogies of Cushman daughters who married into other Surname families.

  1. BulletOther Cushman lines. The following links will take you to:

  1. BulletCushmans without roots. About 7,166 Cushmans who clearly belong to one of the other Cushman lines or remain “unconnected” because the link to a male Cushman line has not yet been established.

  1. Bullet  Other Cushman Lines that trace back to  England, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Prussia, Scotland, France, Italy and other countries.

  1. BulletAdopted Cushman Name.  Cushmans with no genetic linkage who adopted the Cushman name many generations ago.

  1. Bullet  Cushmans of Irish-Canadian descent, who trace back to Canada

  1. Bullet  Additional Links:

  1. Bullet Cushman Message Board at Rootsweb.com

  2. Bullet Cushman Family Genealogy Forum at Genform.com

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1.  Sykes, Bryan, The Seven Daughters of Eve, W.W. Norton and company, New York, NY 2002. P. 1

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