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This update made 13 July 2017

The following genealogy family file presents genealogy information about descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent (born 1577), one of the organizers of the Mayflower voyage to New England.

The database contains information on 29,841people, including 11,185 direct descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent, plus their spouses, and children.

In addition, there are another 7,166 Cushmans that I either cannot link up as descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent, or who definitely link to one of the other Cushman lines of descent. All of these “Other Cushmans” are flagged in the database as “no connect”. Information about them is in a separate file and can be accessed at the following link.

Information about descendants is gradually being added to the database as it is discovered and/or received from people who have volunteered this information.

If you know the full name of your Cushman grandfather or great grandfather, his name will most probably appear in the file on descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent. You should be able to connect up to his ancestral family history. But, remember, if the Cushman has not been connected up to a Cushman line yet, you may find your subject in the “Other Cushmans” file.

To access descendants of Robert Cushman of Kent go to:

To access “Other Cushmans” go to the “Other Cushmans” tab at the top of this page.

Corrections and/or additions to this information should be directed to me at: Cushman [email protected]

WANTED: GENEALOGY INFORMATION ABOUT CUSHMANS born from 1850 to the present. Send it to me and I will include it in the database.

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