(12) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 16338,16339,16341, 12683

(12) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 16338,16339,16341, 12684

(12) 1.1.4a. (Living, Male) 16341, 23231

(11) 1.1.4a. ANGELINE CUSHMAN 16338, 12680
Birth16 Mar 1896, Danville, IL16338
Death1927, age: 3016336
BurialSpring Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Danville, Vermillion Co IL16336
FlagsGen #9
William J, Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of William Jewett Cushman and Bertha May (Hollway) Cushman.
SpouseBYRON F KNOX16338 , 12681
Family ID8752

(10) 1.1.4a. Robert M CUSHMAN 16348,16330, 21946
Death5 Nov 1874, Danville, Vermillion Co. IL, age: 2416330
BurialHicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Vermillion Co. IN16330
FlagsGen #8
(Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Son of Thomas Cushman and Susan Ellen (Firth) Cushman.

Newport Hoosier State
Thursday, November 12, 1874

A young and beautiful life was terminated at 12 o'clock on Thursday by typhoid fever. Mr. Robert M. Cushman died at the residence of the Rev. A.L. Brooks, where he had been taken from a room he occupied in a business block, to receive the kind and affectionate attentions of Mr. Brooks' family. Mr. Cushman's age was about 24 years. He had been a resident of Danville about 5 years, and was for the larger part of the time a salesman in the store of William Mann & Co. Mr. Cushman and Mr. Levin T. Palmer Jr., last spring began business as merchant tailors, the business being conducted mainly by Robert. We knew Robert well. He was a young man possessed of most genuine qualities of heart and head, and no young man in Danville had more or better friends. Had life been spared to Robert, he would in due course of time become a conspicuous man in business circles. Mr. Cushman was buried on yesterday in Perrysville, his old home. His remains were escorted to their last resting place by the free masons, who in his death lose a most esteemed brother. Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church at one o'clock, Mr. Brooks officiating, and at 3 o'clock the train moved off Eastward, bearing the inanimate clay of the lamented young man.

Danville Times of Saturday last
The deceased was a son of Thomas Cushman, our present County Auditor.

(10) 1.1.4a. Mary J CUSHMAN 16348, 21947
FlagsGen #8
(Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Thomas Cushman and Susan Ellen (Firth) Cushman.

(10) 1.1.4a. John D CUSHMAN 16348, 21948
FlagsGen #8
(Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Son of Thomas Cushman and Susan Ellen (Firth) Cushman.

(10) 1.1.4a. Thomas CUSHMAN 16348, 21949
FlagsGen #8
(Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Son of Thomas Cushman and Susan Ellen (Firth) Cushman.

(10) 1.1.4a. Kate W CUSHMAN 16348, 21950
FlagsGen #8
(Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Thomas Cushman and Susan Ellen (Firth) Cushman.

(9) 1.1.4a. THOMAS CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseMARY A GLANTON6522,16348 , 9085
Birth1822, KY16330
Death26 Jul 1882, Newport, Vermillion Co. IN, age: 606522,16330
BurialHicks Cemetery, Perrysville, Vermillion Co. IN
Newport Hoosier State
Wednesday, August 2, 1882

It becomes our duty this week to record the death of Mrs. Mary A. Cushman, of this place, which sad event occurred at about 9:15 o'clock on Wednesday night of last week. She had been ailing for about 2 weeks, but was not considered dangerously ill. At about 6 o'clock on that evening she had a hemorrhage of the bowels, which medical skill failed to check, and which soon ebbed her life blood away.

Her maiden name was Mary A. Glanton. She was born in Kentucky in 1822; was married to Dr. John S. Baxter in 1840, and moved to Perrysville in 1842, where Dr. Baxter died in 1853. She was married to Thomas Cushman in October 1863, and came to her death. She left 2 surviving children; one the daughter of Dr. Baxter, who is now married to Prof. Shafer of Thorntown, IN, and Glant, the daughter of Thomas Cushman, whose name was taken from her mother's maiden name, Glanton. Her only son, Dr. L.S. Baxter, died at Perrysville 6 or 7 years ago.

The funeral services were conducted at the family residence on last Thursday evening, Rev. J.H. Hollingsworth and Rev. J.W. Parrett officiating. On Friday morning her remains were taken by train to Perrysville, accompanied by the relatives and a large circle of friends, where they were quietly laid away to rest in the peaceful city of the dead.

There was not a more noble hearted woman lived in Vermillion County. She had the esteem and confidence of all her neighbors and acquaintances, and was beloved and respected by everybody. She was a Christian woman and had been a member of the M.E. Church many years. In her death a husband has been deprived of a noble companion, the children a kind and generous hearted mother, and society of one of its best citizens.16330
Family ID2602
ChildrenCARRIE GLANTON , 9086

Other spouses: SUSAN ELLEN FIRTH, Sarah E ASTON

(10) 1.1.4a. CARRIE GLANTON CUSHMAN 6522, 9086
BirthVermillion, IN4286
ResidenceIndianapolis & Newport Indiana6522,4286
FlagsGen #8
(Thomas, Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Thomas Cushman and Mary A (Baxter) Cushman.
SpouseWILLIAM L GALLOWAY6522 , 9087
BirthRumsey, KY4286
ResidenceIndianapolis, Indiana
Son of Samuel Galloway and Malinda Smith.4286
Family ID6320
Marriage8 Jun 1886, Vermillion Co. IN4286

(9) 1.1.4a. THOMAS CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseSarah E ASTON16348,16349 , 21951
Death1914, Louisville, Jefferson CO. KY16350
Daughter of Ure Aston and Mary Allen.16351
Family ID15010
Marriage23 Jun 188716348


(9) 1.1.4a. HANNAH CUSHMAN 1677, 14771
Birth13 Jan 1817, Sullivan, NY1677,16009
FlagsGen #7
(Seth, Seth, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Seth Cushman and Nancy (Rundel)

(7) 1.1.4a. ELISHA CUSHMAN 16008, 602
Birth20 May 173716008
Death8 May 1814, Dartmouth, MA, age: 7616352
BurialBuried Acushnet Cem. Acushnet, MA16008,2894
Burial MemoStone photo’d 1935 by JAC.
FlagsGen #5
(James, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Son of James and Sarah (Hatch) Cushman. NEGHS has a book titled Cushman-Shorkley lines by T. M. Shorkley, 1946. A genealogical line traced from Robert cushman about 1580 and from Isaac Allerton about 1586 to Elisha Cushman and to the descendants of his two daughters, Susanna (Cushman) Shockley and Virtue (Cushman) Hathaway. See: http://www.worldcat.org/search?q=su%3A%22Cushman+f...=71&qt=next_page. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.2894
SpouseRELIANCE EASTLAND16008 , 705
Birth11 Apr 1736, Dartmouth, MA16353
Death3 Feb 1795, age: 5816008
Family ID459
Marriage26 Nov 1760, Dartmouth, MA15767
ChildrenELEAZER , 706 (1762-1764)
 SUSANNA , 4075 (1764-1815)
 ELISHA , 707 (1766-1793)
 ELIZABETH , 4076 (1769-)
 VIRTUE , 4077 (1769-1853)
 JAMES , 708 (1772-1796)

(8) 1.1.4a. ELEAZER CUSHMAN 16090, 706
Birth26 Apr 1762, Dartmouth, MA15982
Death1 Jul 1764, Dartmouth, MA, age: 215982
FlagsGen #6
(Elisha, James, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Elisha and Reliance (Eastlin) Cushman.

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