(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female)* 15195, 4717
SpouseDON FAWCETT15195 , 4718
Birth20 Feb 1944, Fountain, CO15195
Death8 Dec 1968, age: 2415195
Death Memocongenital heart defect
Family ID3358

Other spouses: (Living, Male)

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female)* (See above)
Spouse(Living, Male)15195 , 4719
Family ID3359

Other spouses: DON FAWCETT

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 15195, 4720
Spouse(Living, Male)15195 , 4721
Family ID3360

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 15195, 4722
Spouse(Living, Male)15195 , 4723
Family ID3361

(15) 1.1.4a. DANIEL EUGENE CUSHMAN 15196, 4724
Birth22 Sep 1954, LaJunta, CO15196
Death8 Jul 1998, age: 4315194
BurialFairview Cemetery, Fountain, El Paso Co. CO15194
(Lloyd M, Clifton L, Charles M, John S, John S, John, Charles, Charles, John, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Lloyd Melvin Cushman and Ester (Miller) Cushman. Last known to live in Tecumseh, Nebraska. 15197 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.15194
Spouse(Living, Female)15196 , 4725
Family ID3362
Children(Living, Female) , 4726

(16) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 15196, 4726

(16) 1.1.4a. (Living, Male) 15196, 4727

(16) 1.1.4a. (Living, Male) 15197, 4742

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 15196, 4728
SpouseARTHUR ENGLISH15196 , 4729
Family ID3365

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Male) 15196, 4730

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Female) 15196, 4731

(15) 1.1.4a. (Living, Male) 15196, 4732

(13) 1.1.4a. LEAH FLOY CUSHMAN 15136, 4644
Birth3 Dec 1882, Columbia, Van Buren County MI15198,15199
Death30 Apr 1948, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI, age: 6515200,165
(Charles M, John S, John S, John, Charles, Charles, John, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Charles Marcellus Cushman and Sarah Eleanor McNitt (Shannon) Cushman.Had eight children. Three died as infants. 15201
School teacher.528

From Pilgrims of the Fruitbelt: According to family members, she
was b. right across the road from the Lyster family farm. When
Walter Lyster was about 4 years old, he was taken across the
road by his mother to see the "new Cushman baby." He told his
mother, "That is my girl," or "I'm going to marry that girl," or
words to that effect. ... Leah attended the local elementary
school in the Breedsville area and at the age of 16 actually
taught a one-room school the year after she graduated from the
8th grade, a circumstance not uncommon in rural education around
1900. Leah had a quick mind and an excellent memory, which she
often put to use working on jigsaw and crossword puzzles with
her daughter, Thelma, and others of her family, according to her
grandson, Walter MacDonald. She also liked the outdoor life and
made several fishing trips to Northern Michigan with her husband
and brother Cliff and his wife Stella after the children were
grown. Walter and Leah had lived in Chicago for about 2 years
early in their marriage. Some time was also spent in the Grand
Junction area until he and the family moved to Kalamazoo at the
age of 28. He was a salesman and drove a bread delivery truck
from the time he came to Kalamazoo until he retired. A Kalamazoo
Gazette article of 4 Oct 1936 indicates that he had been at it
29 years at that time. It was in Chicago that their first child,
Satia, was b. and d. abt 6 weeks later of pneumonia. Leah was
always willing to help out the family. She stepped in after the
death of Isdell's wife Ruth, to take care of the twins until he
remarried. Ruth's mother took care of Helen Louise. Again,
according to her grandson, Walter, she put aside her own grief
at losing her 2-day-old son, David, when Thelma had to remain in
the hospital at the time both Walter and David were born. The
Lyster home on South Dartmouth Street in Kalamazoo welcomed me
often as an overnight guest when I had an evening meeting while
attending Normal High School betw. 1922 and 1926.
SpouseWALTER ISDELL LYSTER15198 , 4665
Birth28 Apr 1879, Grand Junction15198,528
Birth Memoor 1882 Breedsville, Berrien Co. MI
Death24 Jul 1961, kalamazoo, MI, age: 8215198
Son of Armstrong B and Mary (Cossar) Lyser 15198
Family ID3309
Marriage22 Sep 1899, St Joseph, Berrien Co. MI15198,15202
Marr Memoor 22 Sep 1900

(13) 1.1.4a. ANDREW JOHN CUSHMAN* 15136,15203,15204, 4645
Birth3 Dec 1885, Columbia, Van Buren County, MI15205
Death27 Jul 1961, Kalamazoo County, MI, age: 7515206
BurialRiverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI15154
ResidenceKalamazoo, MI15203
(Charles M, John S, John S, John, Charles, Charles, John, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Charles Marcellus Cushman and Sarah Eleanor McNitt (Shannon) Cushman. WWI Draft Registrtion at Kalamazoo Co. MI shows his date of birh as 3 Dec 1885.15207
SpouseISADORA (DORA) Matilda MILLER15208,15209 , 4667
Birth21 Aug 15209
Death22 Jan 1909, South Haven Twp, Van Buren Co. MI15210,12124
Death Memodied of TB and typhoid fever the day after birth of Pauline Dorothy
Daughter of Alice Ford and Dallas M. Miller15208 From Pilgrims of the Fruitbelt: According to an article from the
South Haven paper, Dora had come to stay with her mother in the
fall of 1908, after Andrew had gone on the road as a salesman
for the Upjohn Company. Previous to her marriage she had worked
as a sales girl and after their marriage they had spent some
time in the grocery business in Berrien Springs. She d. of
tuberculosis and typhoid fever the day after Pauline Dorothy was
born. Because of her husband's traveling for the Upjohn Company
she asked her mother to take care of Audrey. Thus, Audrey was
raised by her grandmother.
Family ID3310
MarriageMay 1905, Van Buren Co. MI15208,165,15211
From Pilgrims of the Fruitbelt: He spent his boyhood in the same
neighborhood as Clifton and Leah. His education was limited by
the times as was theirs. As he grew older he obtained a position
as a grocery clerk in Grand Junction. It was at this time that
he left his home close to Saddle Lake near Breedsville and
married Isadore "Dora" Miller in May 1905. ... According to
Andrew's son, James, he joined the Upjohn Company in 1905. In
1915 he was working there in the shipping department when he and
Hazel Wilhelmina Kirch were m. (in Kalamazoo). As the company
had a policy of not keeping women employees who married, Hazel
became a homemaker and Andrew became the head of the Packaging
Dept., of which she had been the head. He remained there until
1951 after service with Upjohn for 46 years. He was an Upjohn
Award Winner in 1943 and a life member of Kalamazoo Lodge No. 22
F & A M. Of the three children of Charles Marcellus Cushman,
probably Andrew was the most prosperous, faring very well as the
pharmaceutical business of the Upjohn Company grew for nearly
half a century. I recall that as long ago as about 1918 or 1919,
he visited us on the Lawton farm in a Hupmobile, one of the more
expensive cars of that era. He also moved to progressively finer
homes until the home on Grand Avenue was secured. I delivered
our Christmas presents to the family on West Main in the late
1920s. There was some sadness in this generation also. The
children of Charles Marcellus lost their mother when they were
11, 9 and 6 years old, then later, in 1898, their first
stepmother. The two boys both lost their wives early in life and
all lost children. Andrew and Dora had 2 daughters, Audrey
Dallas and Pauline Dorothy, who d. in infancy. Andrew and Hazel
had 2 sons, James Richard and David Alan, and 1 daughter, Sally
ChildrenAUDREY DALLAS , 4668 (1907-1995)
 PAULINE DOROTHY , 4669 (1909-1909)


(14) 1.1.4a. AUDREY DALLAS CUSHMAN 15208, 4668
Birth20 Jan 1907, South Haven, MI15213,15214
Death1995, age: 8715209
BurialLakeview Cemetery, South Haven, Van Buren Co. MI15209
(Andrew J, Charles M, John S, John S, John, Charles, Charles, John, Eleazer, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Andrew John Cushman and Isador (Dora) (Miller) Cushman. Raised by maternal Grandmother, Alice Ford, Miller, in South Haven, due to death of mother and business travel of father. 15208 Retired from school teaching in 1971. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.15209

From Pilgrims of the Fruitbelt: She graduated from South Haven
High School in 1925 after attending the local schools. ...she
was reared by her maternal grandmother, Alice Ford Miller, in
South Haven. Audrey attended Western State Teachers College in
1928 and taught school for three years in Niles, MI. In 1931 she
came to Kalamazoo and attended Western State Teachers College
again from which she received her bachelor's degree in 1938.
Upon her graduation she returned to elementary teaching and has
continued in the field for a total of 43 years. She retired from
the Kalamazoo School System in 1971. Since then she has kept
busy with volunteer work.

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