(10) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.2.2a ADONIRAM JUDSON CUSHMAN* 12246,12338, 2083
Birth23 Oct 1835, Monson, Piscataquis Co. ME12246,190
FlagsGen #8
(Alexander, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert) Son of Alexander Cushman and Jane (Barrett) Cushman. Adronium J Cushman is listed in Monson, Piscataquis Co. ME, US 1890 census of Union Veterans and Widows of the Civil War records at Family Search.Org350
SpouseANNA UNKNOWN190 , 12491
BirthMay 1848, ME190,12339,12339
Family ID1412
Marriageabt 1869190

Other spouses: Huldah A SHAW

(10) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.2.2b ADONIRAM JUDSON CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseHuldah A SHAW472 , 29640
Family ID20164

Other spouses: ANNA UNKNOWN

(10) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.2.3 ROSILIE JANE CUSHMAN 12246,12338, 6048
Birth26 Nov 1838, Monson, Piscataquis Co. ME12246,190
FlagsGen #8
(Alexander, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert) Daughter of Alexander Cushman and Jane (Barrett) Cushman.

(10) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.2.4 ALEXANDER CUSHMAN 12246, 2084
Birth25 Jan 1843, Monson, Piscataquis Co. ME12246,190,190
Death21 Mar 1843, Monson, Piscataquis Co. ME, age: <112246,190
FlagsGen #8
(Alexander, Andrew, Josiah, Joasiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert) Son of Alexander Cushman and Jane (Barrett) Cushman.

(9) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3 CLEMENT C CUSHMAN 12309,12330,9804, 1059
Birth15 Aug 1809, Hebron, Oxford, ME12309,12340,12330
Death16 Jan 1886, Sears, Rock Island, IL, age: 7612341,12330,12330,12342
Death Memoor Andover, Henery Co. IL
BurialBowlsburg Cemetery, East Moline, Rock Island, IL12343,12342
FlagsGen #7
(Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert) Son of Andrew and Anna (Nelson) Cushman. 12326 See research notes. Clement was a farmer. In the “Thomson and West 1881 History of Nevada”...”Josiah emigrated at the early age of two [1840] to the state of Ohio, Lorain County, where he remained with his parents the following six years, accompanying them again in their second remove, in 1846 to the [Andover] county of Henry, State of Illinois, thence to Iowa, and back again to Illinois. There he remained, assisting his father with the care and labor of the farm until 1859.” Clement and Augusta’s first five children were born in Maine, two in Ohio, and three in Illinois.12330

1880 census for Hampton, Rock Island, Illinois shows Clement Cushmann, b. 1809, ME, Retired, with wife A.J. Cushman, b. 1812, ME12344

Married: Augusta Jane Barrett born May 17, 1812 in Sumner, Oxford, Maine. Married March 11, 1832 in Monson, Maine.

Alden Gray Cushman born Jan 7, 1833 in Shirley, Maine.
Henry Nelson Cushman born June 5, 1834 in Monson, Piscataquis, Maine.
Melinda Ann Cushman born June 22, 1836 in Monson, Piscataquis, Maine.
Josiah Jordan Cushman born Oct 6, 1838 in Monson, Piscataquis, Maine.
Clement Cushman born Aug 9, 1840 in Monson, Piscataquis, Maine.
Joseph Barrett Cushman born July 13, 1842 in Lorin, Ohio.
Stephen D. Cushman born March 27, 1845 in Astabula, Ohio.
Martha A. Cushman born Feb. 16, 1848 in Andover, Henry, Illinois.
Rosetta Jane Cushman born June 25, 1850 in Henry, Illinois.
Andrew G. Cushman born July 3, 1853 in Andover, Henry, Illinois. 12345
SpouseAUGUSTA JANE BARRETT12326,9804 , 1350
Birth17 May 1812, Sumner, Oxford, ME12346,12341,12330
Death21 Jun 1895, Sears, Rock Island, IL, age: 8312341,12330,12330
BurialBowlsburg Cemetery, Silvis East Moline, Rock Island, IL12347
Daughter of Joseph Barrett and Behtiah Rowe.12330
Family ID824
Marriage11 Mar 1832, Monson ME12316,12330,2945
ChildrenALDEN GRAY , 2085 (1833-1905)
 HENRY NELSON , 2086 (1834-1903)
 MELINDA ANN , 7341 (1836-1907)
 JOSIAH JORDAN , 7342 (1838-1913)
 CLEMENT Jr , 2087 (1840-1920)
 JOSEPH BARRETT , 3050 (1842-1909)
 STEPHEN D , 7359 (1845-1907)
 MARTHA A , 7360 (1848-<1850)
 ROSETTA JANE , 7361 (1850-1884)
 ANDREW G , 7362 (1853-1922)

(10) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3.1 ALDEN GRAY CUSHMAN 12246, 2085
Birth7 Jan 1833, Shirley, ME12246,12348,12341
Death10 Jun 1905, Kewanee, Henry Co. KA, age: 7212349,12350,12351
BurialBuried atPleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee, IL12341,12352
FlagsGen #8
(Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Son of Clement Cushman and Augusta Jane (Barrett) Cushman. Had seven children. 12353 12354See research notes. Recorded as Alden C Cushman at Find A Grave.12351
SpouseESTHER KNOX12348,12341 , 7246
Birth14 May 1836, Bristol, OH12348,12341,12355,12356
Death7 Jun 1915, age: 7912341,12351
BurialPleasant View Cemetery, Kewanee, Henry Co. IL12351
Family ID1414
Marriage14 May 1856, Henry Co. IL264,12357
ChildrenELIZA J , 7305 (1857-)
 JOHN C , 7247 (1859-)
 CHARLES HENRY , 7248 (1860-1943)
 NELLIE A. , 7249 (1862-1915)
 INA D , 7250 (1867-1956)
 VESTA (VESTIE) B , 7251 (1872-)
 ELMER , 7310 (1865-1865)

(11) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3.1.1 ELIZA J CUSHMAN 12341,12355, 7305
Birth23 Apr 1857, IL12355,264,12358
ResidenceKewanee, Illinois12352
FlagsGen #9
(Alden Gray, Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Alden Gray Cushman and Esther (Unknown) Cushman.
SpouseROBERT HENRY12341 , 7306
Family ID4356

(11) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3.1.2a JOHN C CUSHMAN* 12348, 7247
Birth22 Aug 1859, IL12348,12355,12358,1798
Birth Memoor 1861
FlagsGen #9
(Alden Gray, Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Son of Alden Gray Cushman and Esther (Unknown) Cushman.
SpouseANNA Lovisa QUICK12341,1798 , 7307
Birthca 18701798
Daughter of Carl J Quick and Fredrika Anderson.1798
Family ID5031
Marriage10 Feb 1892, Knox Co. IL1798


(11) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3.1.2b JOHN C CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseSADIE GRAHAM12341,1798 , 7308
Family ID5075
Marriage16 Jan 1880, Rushville, Schuyler Co. IL1798

Other spouses: ANNA Lovisa QUICK, SARAH UNKNOWN

(11) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3.1.2c JOHN C CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseSARAH UNKNOWN12341 , 7309
Family ID5076

Other spouses: ANNA Lovisa QUICK, SADIE GRAHAM

(11) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a.3.1.3 CHARLES HENRY CUSHMAN 12348,2945,12359, 7248
Birth13 May 1860, Kewanee, Henry Co., IL484,12354,12360,2945
Birth Memo1880 census has 1861
Death25 Jun 1943, Dexter, Iowa, age: 8312354,12341,88,12350
Death MemoLutheran Hospital, Des Moines, IA
BurialDexter Cemetery, Dexter, Dallas Co., Iowa12341,12361
FlagsGen #9
(Alden Gray, Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Son of Alden Gray Cushman and Esther (Unknown) Cushman. 12354Had two children. “My grandfather' diary ends on line, at the point where he moves to Iowa. It was placed on line by the Illinois, Henry County Genealogical society, so it ends when he leaves Illinois. Since I grew up in the area of Iowa he moved to, and lived in till his death in 1943, I enjoy that part most....and do have it in both paper and on CD....12341http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ilhenry/families/cushman/cushman1.htm This link takes you to Charles Henry Cushman's diary, as copied by Max Burwell Cushman. This information was sent to you by Susan Jo Cushman Young “12349
SpouseLYDIA (ALETTA?) MUMFORD12341,12359 , 7311
Birth3 Jul 1868, IL12341,264,12362
Death1943, age: 7412341,12363
BurialDexter Cemetery, Dexter, Dallas Co., Iowa12361
Photo of stone at Find A Grave.12361
Family ID5032
Marriage25 Jul 1888, Henry Co. IL264,12364
ChildrenHAYDEN BURWELL , 7295 (1889-1962)
 ELMER EUGENE , 7296 (1900-1992)

(12) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a. HAYDEN BURWELL CUSHMAN 12354, 7295
Birth10 Jun 1889, Annawan, Henry Co. IL12354,12362,7040
Death30 Oct 1962, IA, age: 7312354,306
BurialDexter Cemetery, Dexter, Dallas Co., Iowa12341,12365,12361
(Charles, Alden Gray, Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Son of Charles H Cushman and lydia Mumford. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.12361 “my father, H B Cushman surveyed and marked the lots for the new cemetery at Dexter, Iowa, where Carroll..Arlene..Max...Hazel.. are all buried….HB Cushman served as Mayor of Dexter , Iowa ... ( I cannot verify the actual years...it was in the
late 40’s.... He was a 50 year Mason as well as 50 Year Eastern Star. He belonged to the Mayflower Society.”- Susan Jo Young12366
Birth12 May 189012341
Death1970, age: 7912341
BurialDexter Cemetery, Dexter, Dallas Co., Iowa12367,12361
Photo of Stone at Find A grave.12361
Flossie Pearl Atherton, daughter of Amos P. and Rebecca Atherton, was born May 12, 1890 at Mazon, Illinois and passed away October 12, 1970 at 80 years of age at the Dexter Clinic Hospital. She came to Iowa at 9 years of age with her parents. She married Hayden Burwell Cushman, July 23, 1910, and to them were born five children, all of whom survive. Geonore Bernhard, Cambridge, Wisc.; Max Cushman, Park Ridge, Ill.; Carroll Cushman, Dexter, Ia.; Dorothy Swenson, Chicago, Ill.; Susan Young, Storm Lake, Iowa. There are ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, one brother, George Atherton of Dexter. Her vital and creative mind kept her active in Church and Community activities. She belonged to the oder of the Eastern Star, The Dexter United Methodist Church, the Golden Age Group and was a life member of the W.S.C.S.12361, 508
Family ID5067
ChildrenGENORE HYLDAGARD , 7313 (1911-1991)
 MAX BURWELL , 7297 (1913-2007)
 CAROLL HOWARD , 7321 (1917-1996)

(13) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a. GENORE HYLDAGARD CUSHMAN 12341,8329, 7313
Birth7 Aug 1911, DExter, Dalls Co. IA12341,8329
Death1991, age: 7912341
ResidenceCambridge, WI3127
(Hayden B., Charles, Alden Gray, Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Hyden Burwell Cushman and Flossie Pearl (Atherton) Cushman.
SpouseJOHN J BERNHARD12341 , 7314
Birth9 Sep 191112341
Death1962, age: 5012341
Family ID5078

(13) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a. MAX BURWELL CUSHMAN 12354, 7297
Birth16 May 1913, Dexter. IA12354,508
Death21 Jan 2007, Crystal Lake, McHenry, IL, age: 9312354,12341,12363,508
BurialAshes buried Dexter, Iowa12341,12368
ResidencePark Ridge, IL3127
(Hayden B., Charles, Alden Gray, Clement, Andrew, Josiah, Josiah, Elkanah, Thomas, Robert). Son of Hyden Burwell Cushman and Flossie Pearl (Atherton) Cushman.
Max Burwell Cushman , 93, of McHenry and formerly of Park Ridge, died Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007, in his daughter's home in Crystal Lake.

He was born May 16, 1913, in Dexter, Iowa, to H. Burwell and Flossie (Atherton) Cushman. He married Hazel Irene Grimm on April 3, 1939, in Sydney, Iowa.

During World War II, he taught radio school in Kansas and tested radios in bombers. He also worked on sonar equipment for the Submarine Signal Company in Massachusetts. After the war, he relocated to the Chicago area where he worked in the printing industry until he retired to McHenry.

He was a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants. He was a past master of Edgewater Masonic Lodge 901 and a member of McHenry Masonic Lodge 158.
Other memberships include Printers Guild and the McHenry County Seniors.

He had many interests and hobbies including making contacts throughout the world as an amateur radio operator (W9KIK). He loved to fish, golf, and play pool and horseshoes. He enjoyed feeding birds and collecting antique tools, and he played in bridge and cribbage clubs weekly. He was good at puzzles and riddles, played the harmonica and enjoyed making willow whistles for three generations of children. He learned computers and published his grandfather's diaries. He did origami and was recognized by many waitresses as the man who made them rings out of dollar bills. He had an inquisitive, creative mind, ingenuity, and a sharp wit that endeared him to all.

He was loved and will be deeply missed by many, including his wife of 67 years, a son Michael (Myra) Cushman of Sterling, VA, a daughter Sharon (Ronald) Crounse of Crystal Lake; his grandchildren, Kenneth Crounse, Andrea Mitchell, Kevin Cushman, and Robert Cushman; his great-grandchildren, Jordan, Julia, Emily, Austin, and Cecelia; and two sisters, Dorothy Woltman of Centenial, Colo., and Susan (Dwight) Young of Storm Lake, Iowa.

He was preceded in death by a sister Genore Bernhard and a brother Carroll Cushman. 12369
SpouseHAZEL IRENE GRIMM12341,12370 , 7315
Birth31 Mar 191612341
Death8 Jan 2012, McHenry Co., Illinois, age: 9512371,12370
BurialAshes buried Dexter Cemetery, Dexter, Dallas Co. IA
ResidenceIA; Chciago, IL
McHENRY – Hazel I. Cushman, 95, passed away Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012, at Centegra Hospital – McHenry, surrounded by her family after a short illness.
She was born March 31, 1916, to E. Floyd and Sylvia (Brand) Grimm. As a young woman, she taught school in Grand River, Iowa, in a one-room schoolhouse. On April 3, 1939, she married Max Cushman in Sydney, Iowa.
After living in Missouri, they moved to the Chicago area in 1950. They lived for many years in Park Ridge. There, she enjoyed bowling, playing golf and bridge and fun with the Tyrell Tigers, a neighborhood group that became lifetime friends. She worked for Lutheran General Hospital as a unit secretary.
After retirement, they moved to McHenry, where she continued golfing and playing bridge. She taught bridge and started the Crystal Lake Park District duplicate bridge group. She was an avid Bears fan and enjoyed watching all sports.
She was a good cook (known for her pies) and a homemaker who enjoyed making a comfortable home for her family. After the death of her husband of 67 years, she continued to live in her home for several years. She then moved to The Fountains at Crystal Lake where she lived in independent living for the past year, making new friends.
She was loved and will be deeply missed by many, including her daughter, Sharon (Ronald) Crounse of Crystal Lake; son, Michael (Myra) Cushman of Louisville, Ky.; her grandchildren, Kenneth Crounse, Andrea Mitchell, Kevin Cushman and Robert Cushman; her great-grandchildren, Jordan, Julia, Emily, Austin, Cecelia, Molly, Connor and Lillian Hazel; and several nieces and nephews.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Max; her parents; her stepmother, Emma; two sisters, Faye Clayton and Roberta Cochran; a brother, Dale Grimm; a stepsister, Leona Moeller; and stepbrothers, Buddy and Clark Burchett.
Per her request, the family will be having a private service in Dexter, Iowa, at a later date.
If desired, memorials may be made to First United Methodist Church, 3717 W. Main St., McHenry, IL 60050.
Family ID5069
Marriage3 Apr 1939, Sydney, IA88,12370
Children(Living, Male) , 7298

(14) 1.1.4a.1.5a.3.5b.7a. (Living, Male) 12354, 7298
Spouse(Living, Female)12341,12373 , 7318
Family ID5070
Children(Living, Male) , 7299

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