(9) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b.4 HORATIO Elbert CUSHMAN 112,4520,4564, 249
Birth3 Sep 1790, Willington, Tolland Co, CT4556
Death1838, Royalton, Fairfield, Ohio, age: 474564
Death Memoor 1834 (Henry Wyles Cushman book) and probably not correct
BurialRoyalton Cemetery, Amanda, Fairfield Co. OH4564
ResidenceRoyalton, Ohio4558
FlagsGen #7
(Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Eliphalet and Elizabeth (Thompson) Cushman. 4546 JAC indicates he may have married.4546 Descendant Gene Majors of Placentia CA has found Horatio & family on 1830 census for Ohio.112 There are Daughters of the American Revolution Associated applications or supplementals associated with this person.4522

His parents were Eliphalet Sr. Cushman & 2nd wife Elizabeth Thompson from Willington, Tolland Co., Connecticut. I added the middle name Elbert to Horatio because the death record of his daughter Elizabeth Cushman Montague gives his name as "Elbert Cushman". This may, or may not, be correct. If Mary Cushman born about 1812 was Horatio's daughter, then Horatio probably married to Eliza Elizabeth Brown about 1811 either in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada...or else in Niagra Co., NY where he and Nathan Case Brown both purchased land in 1811. Another theory on Ancestry Family Trees is that he married about 1816 in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada where Nathan Case Brown died in 1825. The latter theory may be correct if Mary Cushman wasn't Horatio's daughter...but this isn't likely because Horatio was probably in Lancaster Co., PA in 1816. Horatio was single living with his father in 1810 Oneida Co., NY. On 29 Nov 1814 Horatio Cushman was a private in Bache's 2nd Regiment, PA Volunteer Militia serving at Camp Marcus Hook, Delaware Co., PA. He can't be found in 1820 census. Records indicate that sons Eliphalet born 1817 & Amariah F born 1822 were both born in Lancaster Co., PA so Horatio may have been in Lancaster Co., PA in 1820...but the 1820 Lancaster county census is impossible to read! His children were: Mary born about 1812 m. Mr. Craighill (Graybill?) NOTE: Mary may, or may not be Horatio's daughter.; Thomas born after 1812, died before 1830; Eliphalet born 1817 m. Hannah Montague; Amariah Fenton born 1822 m. Lydia Clarice Updegraff; Elizabeth born 1825 m. William Montague; Martha S Caroline born 1827 m. Kinsey Tanner; and Lucinda born 1832 m. "George" Adam Nigh. The only known reference to Horatio's place of death is in the book "Robert Cushman, The Puritan by Henry W Cushman 1855, pg. 339. It says he "resided in Royalton, Ohio, and died in 1834". I assume that this is Royalton in Amanda Township of Fairfield Co., OH because his son Eliphalet is listed as LaFayett Cushman in 1850 Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co., OH, pg. 259. The death date of 1834 for Horatio can't be correct for two reasons. He's listed in Ashtabula county tax records from 1826 to 1837 meaning he was still living in 1837. In a biography for his son-in-law George A Nigh who married his daughter Lucinda Cushman born 1832, it says Lucinda's parents both died when she was age 6. This indicates that Horatio died in 1838 which I assume is correct. It also reveals that he went to Fairfield county in 1837 or 1838. He lived in Royalton, and his grandson Thomas who died 1852 is buried in Royalton Cemetery, so it's very logical to assume that Horatio Cushman and wife are also buried in this cemetery. (AFT-John Christian Tanner 1712-1784)  4564
SpouseELIZABETH BROWN4543 , 250
Birth1794, Columbia Co. NY4543
Death1838, Royalton, Fairfield, OH, age: 444524
BurialRoyalton Cemetery, Amanda, Fairfield Co. OH4564
The identity of Horatio's wife, Elizabeth Brown, was answered when we found obituaries from two of Horatio's daughters. Elizabeth Brown was listed as mother of these two daughters.4565
There are only two known references to her name. The obituary of her daughter Lucinda Cushman Nigh says the parents were Horatio and Eliza Cushman. The death record of her daughter Elizabeth Cushman Montague says the parents were Elbert Cushman and Elizabeth Brown. This is why I call her Eliza Elizabeth Brown. According to Ancestry Family Trees, she was a daughter of Nathan Case Brown 1769-1825 & Susannah Wilber. Most records say she was born about 1795 in PA. I believe she was born in Columbia Co., NY for several reasons. Nathan Brown is listed in 1800 Columbia Co., NY. He's the only one found anywhere who is the right age and has the right number of children to be Nathan Case Brown. Another Nathan Brown, probably an uncle, is listed in 1790 Columbia Co., NY. Eliza Elizabeth's grandfather Benjamin Sr. Brown is listed in 1790 & 1800 Columbia Co., NY. None of these Browns are listed in 1810 and Find A Grave says they moved to Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada about 1800. The related Wiltse family came from neighboring Dutchess Co., NY. Also, in 1810 & 1820 Eliphalet Jr. Cushman (Horatio's brother) lived in neighboring Saratoga and Rensselaer counties in NY. Nathan Brown may have lived in Niagra Co., NY for a short time because he was probably the Nathan Brown who purchased land 11 Sep 1811 in Niagra Co., NY. Horatio Cushman purchased land 30 Sep 1811 in the very same area. This part of Niagra became Erie Co., NY in 1821. In the 1810 census, Horatio was still living with his parents in Oneida Co., NY. Nathan Case Brown isn't found in 1810 USA census which indicates that he probably lived in Canada. According to census records of his children, he was in Canada by about 1800. The Wiltse's were Loyalists and moved from Dutchess Co., NY to Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada probably about 1784. No marriage record has been found and Eliza Elizabeth Brown probably married to Horatio Cushman about 1811 either in Leeds Co., Ontario...or else in Niagra Co., NY. (AFT-John Christian Tanner 1712-1784) 4564
Family ID4
Marriageabt 1815, Windsor, Ohio4543,4566
ChildrenELIPHALET , 862 (1817-1882)
 THOMAS , 191 (1820-1821)
 AMARIAH FENTON , 316 (1822-1903)
 ELIZABETH CATHERINE , 3078 (1825-1913)
 MARTHA S CAROLINE , 3079 (1827-1903)
 LUCINDA , 3081 (1832-1903)

(10) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b.4.1 ELIPHALET CUSHMAN 4514,4567, 862
Birth14 Oct 1817, Lancaster Co. PA4514,264,4568,4569
Birth Memoborn 1816 or 1817; or abt 1824 in NY
Death15 Apr 1882, Holland, Shelby, IL, age: 644514,4570
BurialWilliams Grave Yard or Union Cemetery, Clarksburg, Shelby Co. IL4569,4571
ResidenceHolland, Shelby, IL; IL4569,4567
FlagsGen #8
(Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Horatio and (Unknown) Cushman.) Eliphalet Enlisted in the army Aug.15,1862 Company H,7th Calvary Regiment. In Illinois.Mustered out Nov.4,1865 Source: Robert Brown post on Cushman Family Genealogy Forum, ID 6323 12 June 2005. The new info on these six children [of Horatio and Elizabeth) was found from a descendant of Kinsey and Martha (Cushman) Tanner. Their descendant Steve Tanner has obituaries and death records of most of the above listed children, and this family has now been mostly verified through public records.4543 Eliphalet’s death certificate shows him 15 April 1882 and age 64 yrs. 6 mo. 1 day old at death. Place of death: Holland, IL. This should put his birth at 14 Oct 1817 if my math and the certificate are accurate. It also shows his birth place as Lancaster Co., PA. Shows burial 16 April 1882 at Williams Grave Yard. Resident in IL 26 years.4569 Photo at Find A Grave.4571 Find A Grave has him b 15 Aug 1816?4571

Shelby, IL 1860 Federal Census - INDEX
 10      Cushman    Spicer          18  Ohio           pg00479.txt
12      Cushman    Eliphalet       35  Ohio           pg00479.txt
13      Cushman    Hannah          30  Ohio           pg00479.txt
14      Cushman    Arrela          14  Ohio           pg00479.txt
15      Cushman    Mary            16  Ohio           pg00479.txt
16      Cushman    Nancy           12  Ohio           pg00479.txt
17      Cushman    Syman           9   Ohio           pg00479.txt
18      Cushman    Charles         4   Ills           pg00479.txt
CENSUS YR:  1860  TERRITORY:  IL  COUNTY:  Shelby  DIVISION:  South District (H. Twp)  REEL NO:  M653-228  PAGE NO:  491
REFERENCE:  Enumerated on the 29th day of June 1860 by W. Gurwell4572

On Oct 17, 2011, at 4:53 PM, DG Winchester wrote:
1894. This book has my Cushmans and Montagues in Virginia. And a lot more of the side branches.
 I would email it but it is 46mb and can be downloaded easier and free at:

In the 1850 census, Eliphalet is found on page 14 in Amanda, Fairfield, OH. On page 27 of that same census, there is a listing for Lyman Allen. I have been unable to find any blood relationship between Eliphalet and Lyman, but they must have been pretty good friends, as Eliphalet named his seventh child, Lyman Allen Cushman. Lyman Allen's grandfather, Silas Allen, founded the town of Royalton, Fairfield, OH in 1801.

Thomas Gallagher, mentioned below, was a neighbor of Eliphalet in the 1850 census. According to the bio below, Thomas Gallagher went to IL in 1835 to buy property for his sons. Thomas' son Jacob Gallagher's third child was born in Holland, Shelby, IL. This is very likely one of the reasons that Eliphalet moved his family to Holland, Shelby, IL around 1855. Perhaps Eliphalet moved with one of Thomas' other sons. Eliphalet's 3 sisters had moved to Wyandot County, OH by this time; I'm not sure why he chose to move to IL rather than Wyandot County, OH.
Name: Thomas GALLAGHER
Sex: M
Birth: 13 OCT 1775 in PA 1
Death: 23 NOV 1861 in Amanda Twp.,Fairfield,OH 2
Note: BIOGRAPHY: Buried Haas-Peters Cemetery, Amanda Twp., Fairfield, OH. Parents were German. He and his wife were members of the Dunker church and educated in English and German. They moved to OH, settled near Lancaster, Fairfield Co. and in 1835 rode to IL and purchased land for his children. He was a "good physician, a machinist and a farmer" 1678
SpouseHANNAH MONTAGUE4514,4569,4567 , 865
Birth16 Feb 1819, Orange County, VA4574
Death15 Sep 1891, Mode, Shelby, IL in 1890, age: 724575,4576
BurialUnion Cemetery, Clarksburg, Shelby Co. IL4571
ResidenceOrange County, VA4576
the Montague ancestral line above William and Hannah goes back more than 1000 years
Source: e-mail from Willy. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4571
Family ID667
Marriage20 Dec 1840, Amanda, Fairfield, OH4577,264,4576
Marr Memoor 10 Sep 184 in Carey,Wyandot Co. OH
ChildrenSPICER , 866 (1842-~1915)
 MARY ANN , 3084 (1844-~1915)
 CLARISSA , 3086 (1846-~1925)
 ARVILLA , 3088 (1849-1906)
 NANCY , 3090 (1850-1937)
 THOMAS , 867 (1852-1853)
 LYMAN ALLEN , 868 (1854-1933)
 CHARLES F. , 869 (1857-1942)

(11) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b.4.1.1 SPICER CUSHMAN 4514,4578, 866
Birth15 Apr 1842, Amanda, Fairfield, Butler Co. OH93,4524,4574,4579
Birth Memo1800 US census has
Deathabt 1915, Fancher, Shelby, IL, age: 724524,4569,4580
BurialUnion Cemetery, Clarksburg, Shelby Co. IL4571
ResidenceShelby Co., IL484
FlagsGen #9
(Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Eliphalet and Hannah (Montague) Cushman. Also may have been known as “Franklin”4581 Co H 54th Il Infantry, muster out 15 Oct 1865. US 1800 Census, NA Film Number T9-0251, page number 257A shows a Spicer Cushman, age 35, born OH 1845, farmer, Married, with Census Place Shelbyville, Shelby Illiinoies. Family History Library Film 1254251.
SpouseAMANDA D. SMITH4543 , 3083
BirthOct 1848, Morgan, IL4524,264,4579,4569,4582
Birth Memoor, 1845
Death1920, Williamson, IL, age: 714582,2243
BurialWhiteash Cemetery, White Ash, Williamson Co. IL4582
Marriage Record has her as Amanda A. Smith. 4583 Find a Grave has her b. 18454582
Family ID669
Marriage27 Jun 1867, Sheby Co. IL4584,264
ChildrenHIRAM , 3745 (1869-~1875)
 ALBERT FRANKLIN , 3747 (1872-1947)
 NAPOLEON POLLY , 3746 (1875-1940)
 EVA Anna , 3750 (1877-~1904)
 DOLLY (DOLLIE) , 4840 (1886-)
 CLEVEland , 4841 (1888-)
 Grover C , 21876 (1888-1919)
 EARL , 4842 (1890->1947)

(12) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. HIRAM CUSHMAN 4524, 3745
Birth1869, Prarie, Shelby, IL4524
Deathabt 1875, Shelby, IL, age: 62243
(Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Spicer Cushman and Amanda D. (Smith) Cushman. This person noted in genealogy of Willy Istvan 4524, but not in genealogy of Jeff Hart 4585

(12) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. ALBERT FRANKLIN CUSHMAN* 4524,4585,4569,4586,4587,4588, 3747
Birth5 Sep 1872, Shelbyville, Shelby, IL4589,4579,4569,4590
Birth Memoor Sep 1973
Death26 Mar 1947, Veedsburg, Fountain Co. IN, age: 744569,4569,4591
BurialThe Old Town Cemetery “Keeling” Cemetery, Foutnain Co., IN4592,4593
Burial MemoLocated in the city of Veedersburg one block south of highway #136, west of the center of town.This land was given by Christopher Keeling
ResidenceVeddsburg, Fountain Co. IN
(Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Spicer Cushman and Amanda D. (Smith) Cushman.The middle initial “H” added after lookiing at the Rootsweb genealogy posted by Jeff Hart 4585 however, D.G. Winchester has it as Albert F. Cushman.4569 Albert and Mary’s Marriage License shows her name as Karney. Unfortunately she signed it as Mary Cushman.
Albert’s obituary in Crawfordsville Journal-Review, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana 27 March 1947, shows Karney.
Albert’s son Alva’s marriage license application  shows name as Carney.
Alva’s birth certificate from Shelby Co., IL shows name as Kearney.
Albert’s 1st marriage in Shelby Co., IL shows him married 11 March 1897 and 24 at next birthday
Albert’s 2nd marriage in Fountain Co., IN (probably in Veedersburg) to Dora Roarke shows his birthdate as 5 Sep 1871. I haven’t found any children from this 2nd marriage yet.
Albert’s obituary in Crawfordsville Journal-Review, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana 27 March 1947, shows his birthdate as 5 Sept 1872.4569
Obit readsL “Albert Cushman, 74, died Wednesday night at 7 o'clock at his home in Veedersburg after suffering an acute heart attack. He had just returned from the grocery and fell to the floor of the kitchen upon entering the house. He was pronounced dead by Dr. Gilbert Himebaugh who was summoned. Mr. Cushman, familiarly known by his many friends as "Shorty" was born Sept 5 1872 in Stewartson, Ill the son of Franklin and Amanda Cushman. He was twice married, his first wife Mary Karney preceded him in death and his second wife, Dora Roark survives. He moved to Veedersburg in 1922 and was retired after having worked at the brick plant many years. Surviving besides the widow are 4 sons: Forrest and Alvah of Veedersburg and Clayton and Cecil of Watseka, Ill; five daughters, Mrs. Irene Fogle of Herrin, Ill; Mrs. Viola Rhuley of Evansville; and Mrs. Velma Peterson of Fresno, Calif; and Shirley and Zola at home; a brother, Earl of Los Angeles; a sister, Mrs. Dollie Trent also of Los Angeles and 14 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. The body was removed to the Fishero Funeral Home with arrangements pending word from relatives living at a distance.”4594
SpouseMARY T “Mollie” KEARNEY4585,4569,4586,4587,2243 , 3748
Birth21 Aug 1879, Strasburg, Shelby Co. IL4524,4585,4569
Death20 Mar 1935, Danville, Vermillion, IL, age: 551678
Daughter or Michael Andrew Kearney and Mary Agnus Fisher.1678 This may be the Mary T Cushman buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Wingate, Montgomery Co. IN (21 Aug 1881-20 Mar 1935)
Family ID2666
Marriage11 Mar 1897, Shelby County, Il4585,4569,4595
ChildrenBESSIE (Or, Dessie) , 3749 (1898-)
 FORREST TRUMAN , 4836 (1901-1971)
 OTTO , 4837 (~1903-1923)
 ALVA ERVIN , 4838 (1907-2002)
 HARLY , 4839 (1909-1912)
 CECIL M , 13570 (1911-1976)
 CLAYTON WOODROW , 13569 (1919-1993)
 IRENE , 13571
 SHIRLEY , 13577
 ZOLA , 13578
 (Living, Male) , 25223

Other spouses: DORA ROARKE

(13) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. BESSIE (Or, Dessie) CUSHMAN 4524,2243, 3749
BirthJun 1898, Holland, Shelby, IL
(Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Albert H. Cushman and Mary (Kearney) Cushman. May have been named Dessie 1678,4585
SpouseHARLO (?) HUBBARD1678 , 18743
Birth1896, IL1678
Family ID2667

(13) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. FORREST TRUMAN CUSHMAN 4585,4596, 4836
Birth10 May 1901, Holland, Shelby, IL4597,4598,1678
Birth Memoor 1903?
DeathMar 1971, Veedersburgh, IN, age: 69306,4599
BurialMount Hope Cemetery, Covington, Fountain Co. IN4600
(Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Albert H. Cushman and Mary (Kearney) Cushman. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4600
SpouseCLORA OR CLARA I SEGERS4601,88 , 13580
Birth29 Jan 1902, IL4602
Death24 Apr 1991, Covington, Fountain Co. IN, age: 8988
Death Memo315-09-9400 issued IN
BurialMount Hope Cemetery, Covington, Fountain Co. IN4600
Daughter of Bertrum W. and Etta Jane (Deaton) Segers. 4600Photo of stone at Find A Grave. First name carved as “Clora”4600

Jan. 29, 1902
Illinois, USA
Apr. 24, 1991
Fountain County
Indiana, USA

"Clora I. (Segers) Cushman, 89, Veedersburg died at 1 p.m. April 24, 1991, at Covington Manor Health Center. She was born January 29, 1902, at Stoneford, Illinois, the daughter of Bertrum W. and Etta Jane Deaton Segers. She was married to Forest Cushman June 6, 1918, at Vienna, Illinois. He preceded in death March 24, 1971. She enjoyed children and playing bingo. She was a member of American Legion Auxiliary #288. Surviving are: two sons, Ralph (Kate), Veedersburg, Roland (Mary), Russellville; one sister, Reba Legeritt, Metropolis, Illinois; seven grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by a son, brother and granddaughter. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday at Parham Shelby Funeral Home, Veedersburg, with the Rev. Lance Marshall officiating. Burial will be in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Visitation will be from 5-9 p.m. today (Friday)." – Star Tribune, Attica, Indiana, April 26, 1991 88,508
Family ID3434
Marriage6 Jun 1918, Vienna, IL88,508
ChildrenRALPH V “CURLY” , 13582 (1919-2003)
 Albert THURMAN Peck , 13581 (1922-1987)
 ROLAND GLEN , 4843 (1924-2010)

(14) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. RALPH V “CURLY” CUSHMAN 4602,4603,4604, 13582
Birth1919, prob Veedsburgh, IN4602,4603
Death2003, age: 844603
BurialRockfeld Cemetery, Veedersburg, Fountain Co. IN4605,4603
(Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Forest (or Forrest) L. Cushman and Clara (Unknown) Cushman. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4603
SpouseAlma KATHERINE “KATE” MERRILL3127,4603 , 14417
Birth16 Oct 1921, Veedersburg, Fountain Co. IN4603,4604
Death22 Mar 1998, Crawfordsville, IN, age: 764603,4604
BurialRockfield Cemetery, Veedersburg, Fountain Co., IN
ResidenceVeedersburg, Fountain Co. IN4604
Oct. 16, 1921
Mar. 22, 1998

""Katherine "Kate" Cushman, 76, 200 N. Newlin St., Veedersburg, died at 6:49 p.m. Sunday, March 22, 1998 in Culver Union Hospital, Crawfordsville. She was born Oct. 16, 1921 in Veedersburg, the daughter of Harry Glenn and Lena Belle Dawson Merrill, Sr. She married Ralph "Curly" Cushman June 1, 1940. He survives.

She was a life resident of Veedersburg and a graduate of Veedersburg High School. She was formerly employed at Marshall Studios and was a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

Surviving, besides the husband, are: a son, Brad A. Cushman, Veedersburg; a daughter, Debra D. (B.J.) Godby, Veedersburg; two brothers, Ted Merrill and George (Bernice) Merrill, both of Veedersburg; a sister-in-law, Carol Merrill, Veedersburg; two grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents and a brother, Harry G. "Cobb" Merrill, Jr.

Gradeside services were held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in Rockfield Cemetery, Veedersburg, with Carolyn Marshall officiating. Parham-Shelby Funeral Home, Veedersburg, was in charge of arrangements. The family requests memorials be made to the Veedersburg American Legion Auxiliary." – Fountain County Neighbor, March 27, 1998 4604
Family ID9346
Marriage1 Jun 1940
ChildrenBRAD A , 15407 (1953-1998)
 DEBRA D , 15408

(15) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. BRAD A CUSHMAN 4606, 15407
Birth10 Jun 1953, Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., IN
Death12 Nov 1998, Veedersburg, Fountain Co. IN, age: 454607
BurialRockfield Cemetery, Veedersburg, Fountyain Co. IN4607
ResidenceVeedersburg, Fountain Co. IN4608
(Ralph, Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Ralph V “Curly” Cushman and Katherine “Kate” (Merrill) Cushman.

(15) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. DEBRA D CUSHMAN 4608, 15408
ResidenceVeedersburg, Fountain Co. IN4609
(Ralph, Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Ralph V “Curly” Cushman and Katherine “Kate” (Merrill) Cushman.
SpouseB.J. GODBY4609 , 15409
Family ID10618

(14) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. Albert THURMAN Peck CUSHMAN 4602,4610, 13581
Birth28 Jun 19224602,4610
Death25 Feb 1987, age: 643127,4610
BurialNewtown cemetery, Newtown, Fountain Co. IN4610
(Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Forest (or Forrest) L. Cushman and Clara (Unknown) Cushman. S03 US Coast Guard, WWII/ Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4610
SpouseKathryn Jane STOKES4610 , 22748
Birth9 Feb 1925, Rural Newtown-Attica area4610,508
Death4 Feb 2008, age: 824610
BurialNewtown cemetery, Newtown, Fountain Co. IN4610
Kathryn Jane Stokes Cushman, 82, died at 10:30 p.m. EST Monday, Feb. 4, 2008, in Woodland Manor Nursing Center following a lengthy illness. Her death was just five days short of her 83rd birthday. She was born Feb. 9, 1925, in the rural Newtown-Attica area to Russell W. and Hattie M. Shultz Stokes. She was a 1942 graduate of Attica High School and was married to Albert T. Peck Cushman in 1942. He preceded her in death in 1987. Kathryn was a bookkeeper and had been employed at the former Cabinet Craft, Tipton Motors, Barker Motors and Dri-All Driers, all of Attica. She also had been employed at Purdue University and Emerald Acres Alfalfa Processing at New Richmond. She also had owned and operated the Newtown Drug Store and Kathryn's Gift Shop briefly.Kathryn was an active member of the Newtown Community Church where she sang in the choir, was a member of Christian Womens Fellowship and had directed the youth choir. She was active in community activities including Quigle-Palin American Legion Auxiliary Post 394 at Newtown, Home Economics Club, La Chorale Music Club, Fountain County Musical Arts Society and the Red Hat Society. She loved to sing, play piano and grow flowers and make floral decorations. Surviving are a son, Donald R. Cushman of Jackson, Wyo.; two daughters, Sharon Bacon (companion Bill Robinson) of Newtown and Donna J. Deel (husband George) of Lebanon; two half brothers, George Dinwiddie of LaGrange and Clark Dinwiddie of rural Attica; four grandchildren, Teresa Vaughn, Seth Bacon, Alison Acton and Lucas Deel; great-grandchildren, Kaley and Luke Vaughn and Owen and Nolan Acton. She was preceded in death by her husband and a young daughter, Janet, in 1963. Friends may call from 5-8 p.m. EST Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008, at Family & Friends Funeral Home of Wingate. Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 8 at Family & Friends Funeral Home of Wingate with Pastor Mike Parks officiating. Burial will follow in Newtown Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be directed to Newtown Community Church; envelopes available at the funeral home. Online condolences to [email protected] in Danville Commercial News 02/06/08 
 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4610
Family ID9345
ChildrenDonald R , 22749
 Sharon Sue , 22750 (1947-2012)
 Donna J , 22752
 Janet Joan , 22754

(15) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. Donald R CUSHMAN 4611, 22749
ResidenceJackson & Thane, WY4611,4612
(Albert, Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Son of Albert Thurman Peck Cushman and Kathyrn Jane Stokes

(15) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. Sharon Sue CUSHMAN 4611, 22750
Birth29 Nov 1947, Williamsport, Warren Co. IN4613
Death22 Feb 2012, Lafette, Tippecanoe Co. IN, age: 644613
BurialNewtown Cemetery, Newtown, Fountain Co. IN4613,4614
ResidenceNewton, Fountain Co. IN4611
(Albert, Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Albert Thurman Peck Cushman and Kathyrn Jane Stokes

"Sharon Sue (Cushman) Bacon age 64, died unexpectedly, 8:15 p.m. Wednesday, February 22, 2012 in I.U. Health Hospital, Lafayette. Sharon died as a result of brain hemorrhage. She was born in Williamsport, November 29, 1947 daughter of the late Albert ‘Peck' and Kathryn Stokes Cushman. She had been married to John Bacon and he preceded her in death. She was a lifetime resident of the Newtown area. Sharon was a proud graduate of Richland Township High School in 1965. She had been employed by Dri-All Driers and Emerald Acres in New Richmond. Sharon loved the farm life and enjoyed being a part of the Richland Township Farming Community. She considered herself just one of the ‘boys'. Sharon retired from Clarian-Arnett Health Systems where she was a medical records coordinator for eight years. Sharon had a passion for music. For 45 years served as pianist/organist for her church in Newtown where she also served as the long-time choir director. Under her leadership, dramatic Christmas Cantatas, Easter Services, Veterans Day services as well as her normal direction could move a congregation to tears. She leaves a legacy which will be difficult to match. She was a lifetime member of the former Newtown United Methodist Church, now the Newtown Community Church. For 50 years Sharon played for over 100 funerals and 120 weddings for family members and friends. She had also belonged to LA Chorale Music Club, Quigle-Palin American Legion Auxiliary. Sharon's quick wit and dry sense of humor have long been a fixture in the Newtown community. She is a legend, her stories will be exchanged for years to come. To know her was to love her, she will be sorely missed by all. Survivors are: Daughter, Teresa Vaughn and Son, Seth (wife Shi) Bacon both of rural Wingate. Her companion William ‘Bill' Robinson, Newtown. Sister: Donna (George) Deel of Hillsboro. Brother: Donald Cushman of Thayne, WY. Her four special grandchildren: Kaley and Luke Vaughn, Bella Marie and Scott Johnathon Bacon. Sharon was preceded in death by her parents and sister Janet in 1963. Her family will receive guests, Saturday, February 25, 2012 3p.m.-8 p.m. at Family & Friends Funeral Home of Wingate. A celebration of the life of Sharon will be 2:00 p.m. Sunday, February 26, 2012 at the funeral home with Pastor Mike Parks officiating. Following the service, in keeping with Sharon's wishes, cremation will follow. She will be inurned at Newtown Cemetery beside her sister at a later date. Her family requests in lieu of flowers memorials be made to the Newtown Community Church or Newtown Cemetery, envelopes will be available at the funeral home." 4613
SpouseUnknown BACON4611 , 22751
Family ID15582

(15) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. Donna J CUSHMAN 4611, 22752
ResidenceLebanon & Hillboro, IN4611,4612
(Albert, Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Albert Thurman Peck Cushman and Kathyrn Jane Stokes
SpouseGeorge DEEL4611 , 22753
Family ID15583

(15) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.1b. Janet Joan CUSHMAN 4612,4614, 22754
Birth20 Sep 19624614
Death15 Nov 19684612,4614
Death Memodied as a child
BurialNewtown Cemetery, Newtown, Fountain Co. IN4614
(Albert, Forest, Albert H, Spicer, Eliphalet, Horatio, Eliphalet, Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert.) Daughter of Albert Thurman Peck Cushman and Kathyrn Jane Stokes Find a Grave has her b 20 Sep 1962, d 15 Nov 1968, yet her sister Sharon and her mother obit both say she died 1963?4614

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