(9) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6a.8b.9 CYNTHIA CUSHMAN 2900, 4171
Birth11 Oct 1794, Littleton, NH2900,3059
ResidenceWaterford, VT
FlagsGen #7
(Soule, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Soule and Thankful (Delano) Cushman. 2906
SpouseASA PARKER2939 , 4762
He of Waerford, VT
Family ID2966
Marriage22 Dec 1825, Waterford, VT3060

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b JOSHUA CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseDEBORAH FORD1653 , 613
Birth17 Feb 1718, Marshfield, MA3061,3062
Death1 Jul 1789, Marshfield, MA, age: 71321
BurialBuried Cem. at Congregational Church, Marshfield, MA1653
Burial MemoStone photo’s 1935 JAC
Daughter of Thomas and Ruth (__) Ford
Family ID469
Marriage5 Mar 1752, Marshfield, MA1283
ChildrenMIAL , 614 (1753-1817)
 CONSIDER , 615 (1755-1818)
 ROBERT , 616 (1758-1837)
 DEBORAH , 3608 (1762-1828)

Other spouses: MARY SOULE

(8) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1 MIAL CUSHMAN 2900, 614
Birth23 May 1753, Duxbury, MA1571
Death27 Jan 1817, New Bedford, MA, age: 632900
ResidenceNew Bedford, MA3063
FlagsGen #6
(Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Joshua and Deborah (Ford) Cushman. Also referred to as Uriah Abial Cushman.3064 Notes of Henry Wyles Cushman: He was in the U.S. service in the Revolutionary War, on land and at sea; was a private in Capt. Kempton's Company from Dartmouth, at Roxbury and Dorchester, and at the siege of Boston by Gen. Washington He was in the "Providence" sloop, privateering, during that war. Daughters of the American Revolution report his as private serving massachusetts serving under Capt. Daniel Egery andCol Timothy Danielson. 3065 Had 2 children. ATWOOD, Salome of Chatham and Abial Cushman of Dartmouth, int. Mar. 14, 1783. CUSHMAN (Cuishman, Cusham, Cushmen), Abial of D. and Salome Atwood of Chatham, int. Mar. 14, 1783.1262 Private in Revolutionary War.2595
SpouseSALOME ATWOOD2900 , 802
Birth31 Aug 1758, Chatham, MA3
Death18 Jan 1822, New Bedford, MA, age: 632900
Daughter of Joseph and Deborah (Sears) Atwood. She was from Chatham, MA. There are Daughters of the American Revolution Associated applications or supplementals associated with this person.3065
Family ID470
Marriage26 May 17833
ChildrenDAVID , 803 (1785-1854)
 AZARIAH W , 804 (1800-1881)

(9) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.1a DAVID CUSHMAN* 3066, 803
Birth3 Apr 1785, New Bedford, MA2900,2905
Death19 Jan 1854, New Bedford, MA, age: 683063
FlagsGen #7
(Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Mial and Salome (Atwood) Cushman. 2939
SpouseMARY BATES , 1199
Married (2) widow Mary Bates of Middleboro, MA 3063
Family ID621

Other spouses: OLIVE JULAT (OR, GELLOUT)

(9) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.1b DAVID CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseOLIVE JULAT (OR, GELLOUT)1346 , 1200
First marriage3067 Another source has her surname spelled “Gellout”166
Family ID613
Marriage15 Nov 1807, New Bedford, MA3068
Marr Memofirst marriage

Other spouses: MARY BATES

(9) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2 AZARIAH W CUSHMAN 3069,2877, 804
Birth19 May 1800, New Bedford, MA2900,3070,2905,3063
Birth MemoHHWC has him born in North Fairhaven, MA
Death19 Feb 1881, age: 8093,3070
BurialWhite Cemetery, Freetown, Bristol Co. MA3070
ResidenceNew Bedford, MA3071
FlagsGen #7
(Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Mial and Salome (Atwood) Cushman. 3067 There are Daughters of the American Revolution Associated applications or supplementals associated with this person.3065
SpouseELIZA VALLENTINE3067,2877 , 1201
Birth3 Aug 1804, New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA3063
Death20 Aug 1890, New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA, age: 863072,876
BurialOak Grove Cemetery, New Bedford, Bristol Co. MA876
Daughter of Samuel and Polly (Claghorn) Vallentine. 3067,876
Family ID622
Marriage2 Nov 1823, New Bedford, MA3073
ChildrenMARIA , 6242 (1824-1908)
 SYLVIA ANN , 6244 (1825-1910)
 ELIZA V , 6246 (1827-1899)
 LYSANDER VALENTINE , 2285 (1829-1921)
 EMILY , 6247 (1832->1854)
 WILLIAM HENRY , 2287 (1834-1911)
 RUTH ELLEN , 6248 (1837->1854)
 CHARLES ALBERT , 2288 (1840->1854)
 ARABELL V , 6249 (1842-1921)
 JAMES Orin V. , 2289 (1845-1850)

(10) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.1 MARIA CUSHMAN 3071, 6242
Birth11 May 1824, New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA3071,3072,3072
DeathOct 1908, Lexington, MA, age: 843071,3072
BurialLexington, MA
FlagsGen #8
(Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Azariah Cushman and Eliza (Valentine) Cushman. Had one daughter.3071
i. Maria CUSHMAN(192) (194) was born on 11 May 1824 in New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA. Her obituary indicates that she was born in nearby Acushnet, MA. She died in Oct 1908 in Lexington, MA. (From obituary furnish by Bonnie Hubbard.) She was buried on 18 Oct 1908 in Lexington, MA. An undated obituary clipping which apparently came from the "Lexington Minute-Man" and provided by Bonnie Hubbard (Mar 1999) reads as follows: "Mrs. Maria Cushman, widow of Allan Sherman, passed away on the 15th inst., at the home of her only surviving daughter, Mrs. Eliza V. Sherman-Sherman, on Lincoln street, Lexington. She was 84 years old the 11th of last May, at which time she was in most excellent health, but the next day, when driving with members of the family, she and they were victims of a serious carriage accident which at her great age very materially weakened her physical strength. A few weeks ago Madam Sherman's hip gave away and since then she has steadily failed and she died of general debility. The deceased was born in Acushnet, but resided for many years at Mattapoisett when, six years ago, she came to Lexington to live with her daughter, who is the wife of Comrade Chas. H. Sherman of George G. Meade Post 119, G.A.R. Her husband and two other children died some years ago. ... The funeral took place on Sunday, Oct. 18th, at her home on Lincoln street. ... The services were full of comfort and bright assurance of the future state and were conducted by Mrs. Helen Temple Brigham, pastor of the Spiritual Ethical Society of New York, and a long time and dear friend of the deceased; also, by Rev. J.M. Wilson, pa-tor (sic) of the Unitarian church of Lexington."3072
SpouseALLEN SHERMAN3071 , 6243
Family ID4281

(10) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.2 SYLVIA ANN CUSHMAN 3071, 6244
Birth19 Nov 1825, N. Fairhaven, MA3071,2877,3070
Birth Memoor, Acushnet, Bristol Co. MA
Death30 Mar 1910, New Bedford, Bristol Co. MA, age: 843071,2877,3070
BurialOak Grove Cemtery, New Bedford Bristol Co. MA
FlagsGen #8
(Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Azariah Cushman and Eliza (Valentine) Cushman.
SpouseGEDEON Lewis TABER3071,1513 , 6245
Birth17 Mar 1826, New Bedford, Bristol Co, MA1513
Death6 Jan 1892, New Bedford, Bristol Co. MA, age: 651513
Son of Leonard Taber and Betsey Moser Oliver.1513
Family ID4282
Marriage25 Dec 1849, Tiverton, Newport Co., RI1513

(10) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.3 ELIZA V CUSHMAN 3071,3074, 6246
Birth21 Oct 18273071
Death30 Dec 1899, Sandwich, Barnstable Co. MA, age: 723071,3074
BurialOak Grove Cemtery, New Bedford Bristol Co. MA3074
FlagsGen #8
(Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Azariah Cushman and Eliza (Valentine) Cushman.

(10) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.4a LYSANDER VALENTINE CUSHMAN* 558,3071, 2285
Birth22 Oct 1829, New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA3071,3075,3072
Death1 Feb 1921, Newville, Glenn Co., CA, age: 913071,3075,3076,3072
Death Memoor Oakland, CA
BurialNewvill Cemetery, Glenn Co. CA88,508
ResidenceNew Bedford, MA1179
FlagsGen #8
(Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Azariah Cushman and Eliza (Valentine) Cushman. Came to California in 1853 and settled in Newville, CA in 1858. Photo of Stone at Find A Grave.

Orland Unit, Friday, 4 February 1921:



Lysander Cushman, one of the earliest pioneers in this part of the valley, passed away at his home in Oakland on Tuesday. Mr. Cushman's death was the result of an injury which he received some four months previously, when he fell, fracturing his hip, from which injury he was not able, owing to advanced age, to recover. He was born on October 22, 1829, and was thus ninety-one years, three months and nine days old at the time of his death. Of this long span of life he had spent nearly sixty-eight years in California. Mr. Cushman was one of the well known early settlers of this part of the country. He was born in Massachusetts, where he was reared to ___ly manhood, and where, at the age of twenty-one he was married. The call of the Golden West was then strong, and together with many others he joined the exodus, coming to California when twenty-two years of age, leaving the girl wife to follow when he had provided a home for her from the fortune which he hoped to make in the new El Dorado. For some time he worked in the mines, and later went to San Francisco, where he labored at the trade of ship blacksmith. A few years later he came to the Sacramento valley and established a blacksmith shop near where Paskenta is now located. Mrs. Cushman, and the baby which she then had, came from the East and joined him, and soon thereafter they settled on what became known as the Cushman ranch near Floyd, and which in time became, and still is one of the prosperous and well known real estate holding of this section of the valley. Nearly fifty years Mr. and Mrs. Cushman lived together, till death separated them, some twenty years ago. Four sons were born to them, Fred, James and Charles, all of whom still live on the old home place, and Lysander, whose home is at Los Angeles, and all of whom were present to attend the funeral of their father.
Shortly after the death of his wife Mr. Cushman gave up the active superintendence of his ranch to his sons and moved to San Francisco. About sixteen years ago he was married again and established a home in Oakland, where he spent the remaining years of his life. The widow is left to mourn his loss. Mr. Cushman was an Odd Fellow from early manhood, a member of the lodge at Tehama, and when the Red Bluff lodge was formed was a charter member of that body and was one of the oldest Odd Fellows in years of membership in the State at the time of his death. The remains were brought to Orland on Wednesday evening, and yesterday morning were taken in charge by the Odd Fellows lodge and escorted to the old home on the ranch, where funeral services were held, and from there to the family cemetery on the Cushman ranch and interred with appropriate rites of the order.

Orland Register, Saturday, 5 February 1921:


Lysander V. Cushman, one of the earliest pioneers of the Orland country, died at this home in Oakland last Tuesday morning. He was ninety one years old at the time of his death. For the past sixteen years he had made his home in Oakland. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at the old homestead near Newville, the Red Bluff Odd Fellows being in charge of the services. Mr. Cushman was a charter member of the Red Bluff lodge and during his many years residence in the Newville country never missed going to Red Bluff twice a month to attend the lodge meetings. Interment was in the private cemetery on the Cushman ranch, where the deceased's first wife is buried. Mr. Cushman was born in Massachusetts in 1929. During the gold rush he joined the exodus to California, arriving in the gold fields in 1853. In a few years, however, he turned to the less exciting life of farmer and was one of the first settlers in the then thriving Newville section. Mail arrived but once a week at that time, coming across the barren plains from Colusa to Newville. He continued ranching until the gold rush to the Klondike when he again joined the rush for gold. He stayed in the north for a time and when he returned decided to make his home in Oakland and give up ranching. Mr. Cushman is survived by his wife, Adalia Cushman, and four sons, Fred, Charles and James Cushman of the Newville country and Lysander Cushman of Los Angeles. - Transcribed by E.508,88

1880 census for Newville, Colusa, CA shows L. V. Cushman, b. 1824, MA, age 56, farmer, married to Hettie C. Cushman, b. 1824, MA, age 56, son Lisander Cushman, b. 1861, CA, age 19, farmer; son, Charles Cushman, b. 1863, CA, age 17, farmer; son, Frederic Cushman, b. 1865, CA age 15, farmer; son, James C. Cushman, b. 1867, CA, age 13.3075

Lysander Valentine CUSHMAN(195) (14)(192) (194) (81) was born on 22 Oct 1829 in New Bedford, Bristol Co., MA. He died on 1 Feb 1921 in (probably) Oakland, CA. He was also known as "Uncle LV". [Some family information and old newspaper clippings erroneously refer to him as "L. B. Cushman.] He was buried in Newville Cemetery, Glenn Co., CA. The 1850 census, City of New Bedford, MA, indicates that the 21 year old Lysander was living with his older sister Maria and her husband Allen Sherman. At that time Lysander was listed as a blacksmith. (Hubbard) After the Civil War, came from MA to CA to homestead leaving wife (a refined lady). He settled in Chrome, CA. His wife came later, coming up the river to Tehama, there being picked up in a spring wagon. His brother, William, and his wife followed later. (Doris Carter) Judy Goldblum's data indicates that his wife's name was Hetty Booth. 1870 census indicates they had then 4 sons: Lucien, age 10; Charles M., age 8; Fred W., age 6; and James, age 4. The article quoted below indicates that Fred was "fourth in a family of five sons." A descendant of Fred Cushman, Tim Cushman of Sandia, NM, reports that there were five sons; the first born, Cassius Marcus Clay Cushman, died at the age of 3 in 1856. From material written about his son Frederick Nesmith, "The genealogy is traced to New England, where his father, Lysander Valentine Cushman, was born at North Fairhaven, Mass., October 22, 1829, and where as a youth he served an apprenticeship to the blacksmith's trade. Coming via Panama to California in 1853, he followed his trade in San Francisco, but later worked in the mines at Forbestown. While Glenn county was still part of Colusa county and very sparsely inhabited he came to this section of the state, and in 1858 started a blacksmith's shop in Newville. A few years later he abandoned work at his trade in order to embark in agricultural pursuits and purchased one hundred and sixty acres two miles south-east of Newville, where he made a specialty of raising stock. For some time he profitably engaged in the sheep industry, in addition to raising wheat and hay. Upon his retirement from the active supervision of his estate, in 1898, he removed to San Francisco, and now makes his home at No. 2223 Market street, Oakland, where surrounded by all the comforts of life he quietly passes his declining years. In his early eastern home he met Miss Hetty Cummings Booth who was born at Dartmouth, Mass., September 8, 1829, and died in Glenn county, Cal., March 11, 1896, leaving her husband to mourn the loss of one who had ever been a faithful helpmate and wise counselor." (Prof. Guinn) The 1878 - Appeal Directory for Colusa Co. listed him as a farmer with 1,992 acres in the Newville area. 3072
SpouseHETTY (HETTIE) CUMMINGS BOOTH558,3077,93 , 2286
Birth1824, Dartmouth, MA3075,3076,3072,88
Birth Memoor 8 Sep 1929
Death11 Mar 1896, Newville, Glenn Co., CA, age: 72
BurialNewville Cemetery, Newville, Glenn Co. CA88
ResidenceDartmouth, MA3071
She of Dartmouth3071 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.
Family ID1544
Marriageca 18503078
ChildrenLUCIEN , 15534
 CASSIUS MARCUS CLAY , 2702 (ca1853-1856)
 LISANDER (OR LYSANDER) WILLIAM , 7273 (1861-1943)
 CHARLES MOTT , 7274 (1862-1933)
 FREDRICK NESMITH , 6858 (1864-1947)
 JAMES CROWELL , 7275 (1867-1951)
 MAMIE , 8403

Other spouses: ADALIA UNKNOWN

(11) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.4a.1 LUCIEN CUSHMAN 166, 15534
FlagsGen #9
(Lysander, Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Lysander Cushman and Hetty (Booth) Cushman.

(11) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.4a.2 CASSIUS MARCUS CLAY CUSHMAN 415,1179, 2702
Birthca 18533072
Death1856, age: 33072
FlagsGen #9
(Lysander, Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Lysander Cushman and Hetty (Booth) Cushman. Not listed in 1880 census with parents.3075

(11) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.4a.3 LISANDER (OR LYSANDER) WILLIAM CUSHMAN 3075,3079,705, 7273
Birth1861, CA3075
DeathJan 1943, age: 823080,166
BurialBellevue Cemetery and Mausoleum, Ontario, San Bernardino Co. CA3081
ResidenceOntario, CA3079
FlagsGen #9
(Lysander, Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Lysander Cushman and Hetty (Booth) Cushman. Farmer.484 There is a Great Register of California voter registration record for Lysander William Cushman dated 11 oct 1890 for Corner of Center St and Shattuch AVe, Alameda, CA. His estimated birth year is 1861, CA957 Find A grave has him as Epsander W Cushman.3082
SpouseMARY B REED166,3081 , 15535
Death1937, age: 753081
BurialBellevue Cemetery and Mausoleum, Ontario, San Bernardino Co. CA3081
Find A Grave has her as Mary Beed Cushman.3081 Daughter of George B Reed and Clara B Burton.399
Family ID5053
Marriage18 Jul 1900, Cambridge, Middlesex Co. MA399

(11) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.4a.4a CHARLES MOTT CUSHMAN* 3075,558,3083, 7274
Birth17 Oct 1862, Newville-Orland, Glenn, California3075,558
Birth Memo1880 census has 1863
Death19 Jan 1933, Newville, Glenn, CA, age: 70558,558,88
BurialNewville Cemetery, Newville, Glenn Co. CA3084
ResidenceGlenn Co. CA3083
FlagsGen #9
(Lysander, Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Lysander Cushman and Hetty (Booth) Cushman. Had five children.3076 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.3084
Orland Register, Monday, 23 January 1933:


Charles Motts Cushman, 70, son of a pioneer family of the Newville country, died at this Newville ranch home Thursday afternoon. Mr. Cushman had been ill for about a year, being confined to his bed for the past two months.
Born on the well known Cushman ranch, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lysander Cushman, Charles Cushman attended the Newville school and later the college at College City. He then retuned to the Newville country and farmed a portion of the Cushman holdings up to the time of his recent illness. His wife died in 1917.
Surviving Mr. Cushman are two sons, Roy of Orland and James of Reno; a daughter, Mrs. Mae Francoti of Lagunitas, California; and three brothers, Fred and James Cushman of Orland , and Lysander Cushman of Ontario.
The funeral services were held at the Cushman home Sunday afternoon Rev. H. S. Saxby of Willows in charge interment being in the Cushman cemetery. - Transcribed by E.88,508

There is a California Great Registration voter registration record for Charles Mot Cushman dated 10 SEp 1884 in Newville, Colusa, CA957
SpouseVEDIE MAY ZUMWALT558,508 , 7276
Birth30 May 1882, Missouri558
Death18 Mar 1917, Newville Glenn, CA, age: 34558
BurialNewville Cemetery, Newville, Glenn Co. CA88
Daughter of Lafaette Sumwalt and Sarah V (Williams) Zumwalt.3076 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.88

Orland Register, Wednesday, 21 March 1917:


Mrs. Chas. Cushman, well-known locally, passed away at her home on the Cushman ranch three miles south east of Newville last Sunday after a prolonged illness. Mrs. Cushman has been in very poor health for some time and the end was not unexpected.
Mrs. Cushman, who was only thirty-four years of age, leaves to mourn her untimely passing, her husband, Chas. Cushman, and five children, the oldest being about eighteen. They are Roy, Catherine, James, Ancil and Mamie. Mrs. Cushman was born and raised in Tehama county, being Miss Verdie May Zumwalt. She was married twenty years ago to Chas. Cushman, well known stockman of the foothill country, and practically all of her married life has been passed at the Cushman ranch this side of Newville. Her death was caused by chronic malaria complicated by tubercular trouble.
The funeral services were held yesterday morning from the family home, Rev. Shapland officiating. Interment was in the private Cushman cemetery a short distance from the home. The Register extends to the bereaved family its deepest sympathy. - Transcribed by E. 88

Note that Keith Lingenfelter in Tehama County Pioneers states that Verdie was born in MO.88
Family ID5054
Marriage27 Oct 1896, Red Bluff, Tehama, CA558,970,970
Marr Memoor, Glenn Co., CA
ChildrenROY MOTT , 7277 (1898-1972)
 KATHERINE HENRITTA , 7278 (1900-1924)
 JAMES “JAMIE” ALTON , 10101 (1902-1976)
 ANCIL C , 10102 (1904-1931)

Other spouses: KATE BETTS

(12) 1.1.4a.1.1a.1a.6b.1.2.4a.4a.1 ROY MOTT CUSHMAN 558,3083,3085, 7277
Birth21 Jun 1898, Orland, CA
Death3 Mar 1972, Redding CA, age: 73558,306
Death Memo561-52-3783
BurialNewville Cemetery, Glenn Co., CA3084
ResidenceNewville, Glenn and Redding, CA; Orland, CA3086
(Charles M., Lysander, Azariah, Mial, Joshua, Robert, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Charles Mott Cushman and Virdie May (Zumwalt) Cushman. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.3084

Orland Unit-Register, Wednesday, 8 March 1972:

Roy Cushman

ORLAND – Funeral services were held at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the F.D. Sweet and Son Mortuary here for Roy M. Cushman of Redding, formerly of Orland, who died Friday in Redding. A native of the Orland area, he was born June 21, 1898, and was a well known rancher in the Newville and Glenn areas all of his life. He retired six years ago and moved to Redding. Mr. Cushman is survived by his wife, Sue Ione; a son, Roy Lyman Cushman of Redding, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren; a brother, James of Carson City, Nev., and a sister Mamie Cushman of Paradise. The Rev. Paul Foster of the Federated Church officiated at the service yesterday. Burial was in the Newville cemetery. 88
SpouseSUE IONE LYMAN3087,166,3088,3085 , 8400
Birth15 Nov 1899, CA3089
Death21 Jul 1978, Shasta Co., CA, age: 783089
BurialNewville Cemetery, Newville, Glenn Co. CA508,88
ResidenceRedding CA3090
Photo of stone at Find A Grave. Age at death: 78; Burial date: 26 July 1978 ;Funeral Home: Sweet's, Orland, CA;Father: Lyford Lyman; Mother: Elizabeth Murray;1 son, 2 grandchildren88 Living with her two children in home of father Lyford L Lyman and Recorded as Sue E Cushman in 1930 census of Township 5, Glenn, CA. She reports her mother was b. PA?3088
Family ID5056
ChildrenDORIS JUNE , 14361 (1920-1942)
 ROY LYMAN , 8401 (1921-2008)

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