(8) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.4b THOMAS CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseLYDIA MARCEY1665 , 841
Birth3 Aug 1779, Ashford, Windham Co., CT4855,2243
Death9 Feb 1849, Willington, CT, age: 69321
BurialBuried Old Cem., Willington Hill, Ct1665,4515
Burial MemoStone photo’d 1935 by JAC.
Daughter of Reuben and Rachel (Watson) Marcy. Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4515
Family ID650
Marriage13 Feb 1828, Ashford, CT4856,4857
Marr Memoby Rev. Philo Judson.
Thomas Cushman of Willington m Lydia Marcy, of Ashford, Feb. 13, 1828 by Rev. Philo Judson.4858

Other spouses: KEZIAH PARKER

(8) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.5 CHLOE CUSHMAN 4714, 3460
Birth17 Jun 1766, Willingtion, Tolland Co., CT4714,4859,4860
DeathMar 1851, Willington, Tolland Co., CT, age: 844861
FlagsGen #6
(Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert) Daughter of Eleazer Cushman and Abigail (Parsons) Cushman.
SpouseZACCHEUS FENTON4714 , 3461
Birth18 Apr 1774, Wellington, Tolland Co., CT2243
DeathWellington, Tolland Co, CT2243
Son of Asa Fenton and Jerusha Hatch.2243
Family ID2452

(8) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.5.6 George CUSHMAN 2243, 25224
FlagsGen #6
(Eleazer, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Eleazer and Abigail (Parsons) Cushman. Not listed in HWCushman book.93

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1a.2.6 LYDIA CUSHMAN 3817, 3544
Birthabt 1713, Lebanon, New London Co, CT3817,3827,2243
Birth Memoor, bat 1713 Baptised 18 Jul 1730
Death18 Jul 1730, Lebanon, New London Co, CT, age: 172243
FlagsGen #5
(Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Thomas Cushman and Sarah (Strong) Cushman. Note baptism date is after father’s death date ???? She is under age 18 on 9 Jan 1726/73823 Willy Istvan’s tree has her b act 1713 Lebanon, New London Co. CT and d 18 Jul 1730 also New London, age 17. Note death date is same as birth date?

(6) 1.1.4a.1.1a.3 DESIRE CUSHMAN 99, 3118
Birthabt 1668, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA109,4862,4863
Birth Memoor 1681, Barrington, RI
Death8 Feb 1762, Barrington, RI, age: 944714,109,136,4864
BurialBuried Tylers Point Cemetery, Barrington, RI109,4865
Burial MemoStone photo’d 16 Mar 1935 by JAC
FlagsGen #4
(Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Thomas and Ruth (Howland) Cushman. This child is noted in JWCushman book,99 but not in HWCushman book.106 Inscription on gravestone reads: Mrs. Desire Kent, wife of Mr. Samuel Kent of Barrington was the first English woman’s Grand daughter on New England. Died Feb 8 A.D. 1762 aged about 94 years.109 Elizabeth Tilley Howland, widow of John Howland, in her will, dated 17 Dec 1686 meninons “my Grand Daugher Desire Cushman”. This will is printed in full in the mayflower Descendant, vol. 3, pp. 54-57, and an abstract of it may be found in The Genealogical Advertiser, vol 3. pp 119-120.110 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4865

Arnold's Vital Records of Barrington R.I. Vol 6, p.30 for Josiah Kent.
Arnold's Vital Records of Little Compton, R.I.p62-Philip Taylor " " " " " p. 7-^ George Wood " " " " "p. 29 Samuel Gray
SpouseSAMUEL G KENT4714 , 3410
Birth1667, Taunton, MA4866,109
Death15 May 1737, Barrington, RI, age: 70109
BurialBuried Tylers Point Cemetery, Barrington , RI109,4867
Son of Joseph and Susanna (George) Kent. 109 Veteran of the Colonial War.4867
Hello Sandra,
My name is Belinda Kent. I have been researching the Kents that settled in the Darby Plains near Plain City, Ohio. There were a lot of Taylors in this area. I have also researched Bigelow Cemetery in Madison Co. Ohio which is located near Plain City. Our Kents are buried there. Our Silas Kent was born in NJ in 1782. What is interesting is that Hannah Kent Gray's Bible records were found and kept in this area of Union and Madison Co. Ohio. Hannah was the daughter of Samuel G. Kent and Desire Cushman. Her records had names like the Taylors that connect to just about everyone buried in Bigelow Cemetery. Have you been to the Plain City Library near Columbus, Ohio. It is located on 161. The cemetery is also located off of 161 on Rosedale rd. Belinda4868 Photo of stone at Find A Grave. 4867
Family ID2215
Marriage17 Dec 1686, Seansea, Bristol, RI4863

(5) 1.1.4a.1.1b THOMAS CUSHMAN Jr.* (See above)
Birth18 Feb 1653, Rehoboth, Mass.112,99,4869
Birth Memoborn about 1653; daughter of Robert and Sarah ____.
Death31 May 1734, Attleboro, MA, age: 8199,4870
Death MemoDied in her 82nd year (A.V.R., p656)
BurialBuried Newell Cem. So. Attelboro, MA4871
Burial MemoStone photo’d March 1935 J.A.C.
Daughter of Robert and Sarah (____) Fuller. 99 She was widow of John Fuller. Helen Wells says she was daughter of John Titus and Rachel Titus. 4872 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4871Abigail lived to 81 and was the second wife of Thomas Cushman. She was the daughter of John Titus and Abigail Carpenter Titus of Rehoboth, and born there on Feb 18,1652/3 (n.s.1653). Her first husband was John Fuller, the son of Robert Fuller (47013028) and Sarah Bowen Fuller (47013029). Abigail (Titus) Fuller's second husband was, Thomas Cushman, to whom she is linked. The source for all this is the Mayflower families (Silver Books), Vol 17, p.13. This was a series published recently by the Society of Mayflower Descendants, starting in 1975. (Volume 17 came out in 1998). She was the mother of Samuel Cushman born 1687. Thomas Cushman is buried at Hillcrest cemetery or Old Burial Grounds, Main Street, Plymouth, MA.  Bio from Helen Wells 4872----The Titus Trail/Quarterly/Spring Edition 1980, Vol 1, Number 1, pg 11 & 19 shows her as daughter to John Titus and Abigail Carpenter;

Laid to rest right here in my home town, who knew? Abigail Titus Cushman. My 8th great Grandmother. Although the stone says "Cuthman" all the reseach I have done says this is the Abigail Titus Cushman (Early Mayflower Descendant). It took awhile to find but eventually found it. Attleboro, MA. Source: Post by Brian Pinnetti at Cushman Genealogy facebook page 21 Dec 2016.
Family ID28
Marriage16 Oct 1679, Rehoboth, Mass.4873,4874,75,96,89
ChildrenJOB , 44 (~1680-1740)
 BARTHOLOMEW , 45 (1684-1721)
 SAMUEL , 46 (1687-1766)
 BENJAMIN , 47 (1691-1770)

Other spouses: RUTH HOWLAND

(6) 1.1.4a.1.1b.1 JOB CUSHMAN 3817, 44
Birthabt 1680, Plymouth Co, MA112
Birth Memoborn about 1680
Death21 May 1740, Will, Plymouth Co, MA, age: 60112,81
Death MemoDied before 21 May 1740
FlagsGen #4
(Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Thomas and Abigail (Fuller) Cushman
Birth11 Feb 1680, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Death1746, age: 653817
Death MemoHer will proved 27 Sep 1746 so she died before that date.
JAC has Job married to Lydia Arnold. He has no birth date for her, but has reading of her will on 27 Sept 1746. She would have died prior to that date. Adminstration of her husband’s estate was granted to Lydia and her brother, Edward Arnold. 110 Howland genealogy has her maiden name as Arnold4876
Family ID29
ChildrenMARIAH , 3535 (1707-)
 JOB , 152 (1710-1729)
 LYDIA , 3537 (1718-1773)

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1b.1.1 MARIAH CUSHMAN 4877, 3535
Birth16 Feb 1707, Plymouth, MA4877,3817,4859,4878
FlagsGen #5
(Job, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Job and Lydia (Arnold) Cushman. 4859
SpouseJOHN BAKER4879 , 3536
Birth3 Jan 1705, Plymouth, MAMarshfield, MA3540,4880
He of Duxbury 4877 Son of John and Hannah ( ____) Barker.3540
Family ID2502
Marriage10 Dec 1732, Duxbury, MA4877,1283

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1b.1.2 JOB CUSHMAN 3540, 152
Birth20 Feb 1710, Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA4881,122
Death12 Nov 1729, Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA, age: 193719
Death Memo • Notes of Henry Wyles Cushman:
BurialBuried Burial Hill, Plymouth, MA4882
Burial MemoBuried 10 feet south of Elder Cushman’s stone. No stone found 195 by JAC.
FlagsGen #5
(Job, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Job and Lydia (Armold) Cushman.
Mr. Cushman was the son of Job and Lydia (Arnold) Cushman, who was an inn holder of Plymouth: born 1710. His grave is ten feet south of the grave of Elder Thomas Cushman. 82

Here lyes ye
body of JOB
CUSHMAN who decd
Novbr the 12th
1729 in
ye 19th year
of his age.

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1b.1.3a LYDIA CUSHMAN* 4877,124, 3537
Birth31 Oct 1718, Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA4877,3817,154,4883
Death10 Nov 1773, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, age: 554884
Death Memoage 55
FlagsGen #5
(Job, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Job and Lydia (Arnold) Cushman. 4859 Information re: marriage to Lebeus Simmons originally came from ancestry.com. Willy Istvan’s Family tree has her married to Isaac Simmons, son of John Simmons and Mercy Peabody, b 8 mar 1701, Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA, d 30 Aug 1767, Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. They were married about 1740, . He was also married to Rachel Cudworth (b 1699) on 24 Oct 1722, Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA2243 Another family tree (Grinnell Family Tree) has Isaace Simmons as son of Isaace Simmons (1674-1750) and Marth Chandler (1673-1728).4885 Lydia’s MA Births and Christenings record has her as “Lydiah”. Mother also spelled as Lydiah in the birth record.771
SpouseSOLOMON ATWOOD4877 , 3539
Birth2 Nov 1717, Plymouth, MA4886,4887
Birth Memoor Hingham, MA
Son of John and Sarah (Leavitt) Atwood. 3719
Family ID2503
Marriage13 Oct 1747, Plymouth, MA4888,4889
Marr Memo13 Oct 1748

Other spouses: EZEKIEL RIDER, Libbeus SIMMONS

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1b.1.3b LYDIA CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseEZEKIEL RIDER4890 , 3614
Birth22 May 1715, Plymouth, MA4891
Son of Samuel and Ann (Eldreden) Rider.4890
Family ID2576
Marriage23 Oct 1762, Plymouth, MA4892,4893

Other spouses: SOLOMON ATWOOD, Libbeus SIMMONS

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1b.1.3c LYDIA CUSHMAN* (See above)
SpouseLibbeus SIMMONS4884 , 22884
Family ID15670
Marriage24 Oct 1732, Duxbury,Plymouth Co. MA4884


(6) 1.1.4a.1.1b.2 BARTHOLOMEW CUSHMAN 3817, 45
Birth13 Mar 1684, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA4894
Birth Memobaptized 13 Mar 1684
Death21 Dec 1721, Plympton, Plymouth, Co, MA, age: 374895
Death Memoin his 38th year
BurialBuried Old Cem. Plympton, MA3817,4896
Burial MemoStone photo’d 1935. JAC
FlagsGen #4
(Thomas, Thomas, Robert) Son of Thomas and Abigail (Fuller) Cushman. No issue.4887 Find a Grave identifies the cemetery as Hillcrest Cemetery, Plympton, Plymouth Co. MA. In his 38th year. Vital Records of Plympton, Massachusetts to the year 1850, Deaths, p. 469
Cushman, Bartholomew, Dec. 21, 1721 (in 38th y. in P.  Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4896
Inscription:Here lies the body of
Bartholomew Cushman
Died. Dec. 21, 1721
In the 38th year of his age 88

Gen. of Edward Small by Lora Underhill p.724.
Hills Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth p.78-Job Cushman p.82
Solomon Atwood. Mayflower Desc. Vol 7 p.96
John Baker DAR Patriot Index- Solomon Atwood.

(6) 1.1.4a.1.1b.3 SAMUEL CUSHMAN 4897, 46
Birth16 Jul 1687, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA112,4898,4899
Birth MemoBpt 1687 at Plymouth, MA
Death19 Feb 1766, Attleboro MA, age: 78112,4900,4901
Death MemoFind a Grave has 19 Feb 1776
BurialBuried Newell Cem. So. Attelboro, MA4897,4901
Burial MemoStone photo’d 1935 JAC
FlagsGen #4
(Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Son of Thomas and Abigail( Fuller) Cushman. He removed from Plympton to Attleboro in 1727. Had six children. 110 Photo of stone at Find A Grave.4901

Husband of Fear Corser Cushman. Ancestor of many Cushmans, Fosters and Pecks. He was a grandson of Mary Allerton youngest Mayflower passenger and the last survivor. As Mary was a daughter of Mayflower passenger Isaac Allerton, Samuel was his great grandson. His grandfather, Thomas Cushman, with his father, Robert, was a member of the group who went to Leiden, Holland, in search of religious freedom. He and his father traveled on the ship Speedwell which left with the Mayflower but it was eventually abandoned and some passengers had to stay behind to make a journey later. Robert and son Thomas eventually sailed on the ship Fortune and arrived in Plymouth about the time of the first Thanksgiving. Robert stayed only a short time and returned to England leaving his son behind in Plymouth. Robert would never return but worked hard as the agent for the residents in Plymouth for the rest of his short life. If it wasn't for Robert and all he did to facilitate the move by these people we wouldn't be able to tell this story today. So in most ways Thomas and Robert Cushman are as much 'Pilgrims' as Mary and the others. 4901

DAR Patriot Index-Abiah Draper, Oliver Peck, John Avery, Job Robbins; Jacob Cushing, Samuel Tingley, Joseph Cushman, Daniel He^'-s, Noah Fuller, John Bates, Benjamin Tingley.
Carpenter Memorial by Amos Carpenter p. I70 for Amy Carpenter and Comfort Fuller.

the Child of Samull Cushman by fear his Wife
desier Cushman was born Sep1 18th 1710
Marcy Cushman was born febr 8 th \i\\
Samuell Cushman was born July ye 10th 1715
Joseph Cushman was born Janewary y* 7th 1717
Jacob Cushman was born March ye twentyeth 17^
* The " 7 " of the fraction \ has been worn off.
Jamima Cushman was born October ye 23d 17244902
SpouseFEAR CORSER4897 , 153
Death2 Dec 1767, Attleboro, Bristol Co. MA, age: 824900
BurialBuried Newell Cem. So. Attelboro, MA4897,4897
Burial MemoStone photo’d 1935. JAC
Family ID31
Marriage8 Dec 1709, Plympton, Plymouth Co MA4903
ChildrenDESIRE , 3538 (1710-1810)
 MARCY , 3540 (1712-1797)
 SAMUEL , 154 (1715-1727)
 JOSEPH , 155 (1717-1727)
 JACOB , 156 (1719-1796)
 BARTHOLOMEW , 590 (1726-1736)
 JAMIMA , 3545 (1724-1736)

(7) 1.1.4a.1.1b.3.1a DESIRE CUSHMAN* 4877, 3538
Birth18 Sep 1710, Plympton, MA4877,3719,4904
Death27 Nov 1810, age: 1004905
BurialNewell Burying Grounds, Attleboro, MA3050
FlagsGen #5
(Samuel, Thomas, Thomas, Robert). Daughter of Samuel and Fear (Corser) Cushman
SpouseEBENEZER FOSTER3719 , 3616
Birth20 Aug 1709, Dorchester, MA4906
Death18 Jun 1749, age: 3998
Twin son on of John and Margaret (Wares) Foster. 3719,4907Son of John Foster, he lived to 40 years of age.

From the Foster Genealogy, 1899b. Dorchester, Married Desire Cushman, daughter of Samuel and Fear (Corsser)Sept. 17, 1730. She was born Sept. 1710 He was a blacksmith Children are: Huldah b. 9/21/1731 m. Cheever Meathorn; Mercy b. 6/19/1733 d. 6/20/1733; Mercy b. 5/22/1734 m. 6/14/1756 Solomon Peck of Cumberland RI; Fear b. 2/24/1736 d. 2/26/1736; Fear b. 3/9/1737 m. 4/22/1759 Oliver Peck (Solomon's brother); Ebenezer b. 4/9/1739; Jemima b. 7/6/1741; Samuel b. 6/14/1743 m. Leah Avery; Desire b. 6/10/1745 d. 8/1745; Desire b. 8/12/1746 m. Nathaniel Metcalf m. Abigail Draper; Bartholomew b. 9/1748 d. 11/1748; Bartholomew b. 9/1749 m. Mary ? d. 1776 at the seige of Quebec. 3050
Family ID2504
Marriage17 Sep 1730, Attleboro, MA4908

Other spouses: JOHN ALLEN

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